10 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World

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We always try to be perfect and are usually afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Often the most brilliant ideas come from the biggest mistakes we make in life.  We have collected 10 such accidental inventions which no one intended to make. Find your inspiration below.

1. Penicillin

In 1928, scientist Alexander Fleming discovered this medical wonder accidently when he lost all hope of finding all-disease-curable medicine. Disheartened by failure he threw away all his experiments. It was then that he noticed a mould dissolving bacteria all round it in a contaminated Petri dish.  It lead to this powerful antibiotic that significantly reduced deaths due to infectious diseases.


2. Pacemaker

John Hopps, an electrical engineer, was trying to restore the body temperature using radio frequency heating for the case of hypothermia. During experiments, he noticed that artificial simulation can be used to restart heart beating. This led to the invention of pacemaker in 1951.


3. Coca Cola

John Pemberton, a pharmacist, used to sell wine-coca syrup for headaches and nervous disorders.  In 1885, wine was banned in Atlanta so John made pure coca based syrup with carbonated water. This is how Coca Cola came into existence.


4. Microwave Oven

Percy Spencer a holder of 120 patents and an engineer made this revolutionary device for lazy cooks. He was experimenting with a new vaccum tube for a radar related project when he noticed the chocolate in his pocket melting. He held popcorn kernels  to the device and they started to pop.


5. Artificial Sweetner

 In 1879, Constantine Fahlberg wanted to find a new use for coal tar. He found it by eating his wife’s biscuit which were sweeter than usual. The reason was the chemical saccharine  on his hand due to the day’s work in the lab. He immediately applied for the patent and mass produced the sweetner. 


6. Sticky Notes

In 1968, Spencer Silver created an adhesive materical that could stick anything and can be pulled of without damaging any surface. He was unable to find any marketable use. Years later, his colleague Art Fry was frustrated when he was unable to stick notes into his book of hymns at the church choir. This is how sticky notes were launched nationwide in 1980’s.


7. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ruth Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn, was out of chocolate for cookies.  She broke sweetened chocolate into small pieces and used as a replacement expecting it to melt but the bits remain in the cookies. That is how delicious chocolate chip cookies were made.


8. Potato Chips

George Crum, a chef at Carey Moon Lake House, was frustrated with a customer who kept on asking for more crisped and thinner chips. He sliced the chips very thin and fried it to be as hard as rock. To his surprize, the customer loved it. 


9. Corn Flakes

John and Will Kellogg, brothers and breakfast entrepreneurs, were trying to boil grain to make granola. In 1898, they accidently kept the mould on stove for several days and result was a dry and thick mixture. So they got rid of the mould and created Corn Flakes.


10. Slinky

In 1943, Richard Jones, a naval engineer was working with tension springs when one of them fell on the ground and kept bouncing off the ground.


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