10 Artistically Beautiful Maps On The Face Of Planet Earth

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The World Map has morphed through the centuries as great civilizations fell and gave way to smaller independent nations. The changes had been carefully documented over the years. Today, the World Map can be regenerated in a variety of ways to feature the languages, the religions and the ideologies we have adopted, by landscapes, time zones, culture, foods, history etc.

Artists have their own way to mirror a country’s values in its geographical shape in the most artistic and creative way possible. The results are some remarkable and beautiful maps of the countries on Planet Earth. Today we have collected 10 such artistically beautiful maps.

10. Ireland


Source: Maggieblanck

9. Chile


Source: QuestConnect

8. Africa 


Source: Mappery

7. United States Of America

United States Of America

Source: ezilon

6. New Zealand

Political map of New Zealand.

Source: Maphill

5. India 

Map Of India

Source: Kddfonline

4. Italy

Map Of Italy

Source: Jamestoldme

3. Norway

Map Of Norway

Source: Greenwichmeantime

2. Japan

Map Of Japan

Source: Robinwestenra

1. Pakistan

Map of Pakistan

Source: Pakistan Embassy

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