10 Cool Stuff From The Future

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Innovators and Scientists are busy making our tomorrow more advanced and easy by inventing cool stuff everyday. We bring to you list of 10 cool stuff invented to date that will rule the world in future.

10- Leap motion

The Touch Screen is no doubt a success but now leap motion has been suggested, controlling the screen without touching it. At a small distance from the screen you can point and pinch and tap the air and the device will respond. It’ll be like using the force in Star Wars.


9- 3D printing

The 3D printer is becoming increasingly popular with builders, artists and engineers. Huge printers are available now that can print entire sculptures and furniture. Soon entire buildings will be printed out and 3D printers may be used to print out complex designs as well as other 3D printers.

ZPrinter 850

8- Bitcoin

The virtual currency that everyone is talking about these days looks like it will take over the world economy in the decades to come. And why not? The ATM, online banking, SMS billing, all of this is the standard now. I can’t remember the last time I used the cheque book. Grant it, the bitcoin is still in its initial stages and with the recent theft of $460 million from the bitcoin service, people will be reluctant to sign on. But the digitization of the economy will happen soon enough.

A Bitcoin

7- Virtual World

Google Maps has brought the world to your screen and you can browse the leaning tower of Pisa or the Taj Mahal at your leisure without spending a dime. One day the entire world will be accessible this way on a much larger scale and the need to take vacations might not be necessary. But this technology still won’t have the appeal of the actual experience.

google maps

6- CDs and DVDs being replaced by hard drives

Just like the video cassette before them, the CD and the DVD will be replaced by total digital storage on hard drives, flash drives and external hard drives. They are faster and more reliable than discs and they don’t have nearly as much a chance of not working after being scratched.

CDs are obsolete


5- Solar Energy

As the price of oil, gas and coal rises every year and the price of solar energy drops its clear to see that one day, whether giant industries want it or not, solar power will become a major contributor to the global energy grid. The biggest solar power plant in the Mojave desert, USA currently produces 400 MW of power.

Solar Power

4- Iron Men in the Army

A myriad of companies are working to develop Iron Man suits for soldiers that protect them and enhance their abilities. These will slowly but surely become the norm because if you can predict anything, its that the nature of man is always going to be to have an advantage over his fellow man in combat.

Iron Man

3- Delivery Drones

Amazon is experimenting with it, so is the government of the UAE. It was always in the back of the mind that mundane jobs like delivery or mail should be done by robots and the time has finally come. Delivery drones are being tested to deliver and collect parcels and packages. Cool stuff. Isn’t it? Hopefully these drones won’t try to take over the world any time soon.


2- The Home of the Future

Ever since the 1960s the concept of an automated home has been pitched and exhibited time and again. The realisation of that dream though may finally be possible. Private companies like AT&T and Verizon and a project by the name of Openarch are potential leaders. The home of the future will be a giant computer cum touchscreen that allows access to the entire house and the internet and all the operations of a computer from any where in the house. Its only a matter of time.

Home of the Future

1- Google Glass

Google Glass is the new tech on the block. It’s the brainchild of one of the biggest organisations in the world and is definitely an innovation you can’t ignore. All of the internet and your personal life will be visible on a heads up display on your glasses and every thing will be at your finger tips. It’ll integrate technology with your life at a whole new level and no one will ever call anyone else four eyes again.

google glass

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