10 Crazy Innovations Ever Made

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There are certain ideas that sound great in your head but in reality are silly and crazy. We have gathered 10 such crazy inventions of all time which might be useful but will make you a laughing spectacle in public.

1. 360 Degree Camera

If only you can rotate your head to see what is going on exactly behind your back. Do not worry. You can buy this 360 degree camera. Although you will look like an alien but it serves the purpose.

360 Degree Camera


2. Hearing Enhancer

Have you ever wished as a child to magically increase the size of ears for elders to whom you have to repeat everything?  Probably someone thought the same way. Maybe next time you can buy them these hearing enhancers. Though it will be hilariously insulting.

Hearing Enhancer

3. Battlescratch Shirt

This shirt proves the worth of mathematics in real world. Next time you need someone to scratch your back, you can point out the exact location like (F,7) that is to say F column on x-axis and 7th column on y-axis.

Battlescratch Shirt

4. Eyedrop Funnel

Eye drops go more on the side then in the eye which is a complete waste of already limited eye droplets. You can use these funnel glasses the next time a doctor subscribe you eye droplets.

Eyedrop Funnels

5. Umbrella Tie

Why carry an umbrella when you can hang it around your neck?

Umbrella Tie

6. Chopstick Fans

When in a hurry, it is frustrating to eat just cooked hot noodles. Japanese came up with this brilliant yet crazy idea of attaching a fan to the chopstick so that the noodles are cool down before going in your mouth.

Chopstick Fans

7. Rainproof Umberella

The inventor for this umbrella definitely thought raincoats are a messy business. Why not invent a complete no-wet umbrella?

Rain Proof Umbrella

8. Shoe Umbrellas

You cannot wear expensive shoes when its raining unless you want to spoil them. These shoe umbrellas will save your shoes from rain though take care not to put your feet in rain puddles.

Shoe Umbrellas

9. Sound Catcher Pillow

Everyone of us has experienced the moment when you cannot lay on your side to watch the TV because the sound is muffled. You can use this sound catcher pillow and comfortably lay while enjoying your TV program.

Sound Catcher Pillow

10. Book Shaped Pillow

The best sleep one can get is on a book in a library or in office but its rather uncomfortable. This book shaped pillow is specially designed for workaholics to take break from their work in a comforting way.

Book Shaped Pillow

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