10 Engineering Details That Put All Apple Products Ahead Of Their Competitors

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Apple has always been ahead of its competitors in terms of hardware design, software, and product marketing. The reason that Apple is helping to shape the industry is that when it takes one step ahead, it also takes three more to the side. The combination of  Apple products and customer satisfaction in addition to their culture and projected image to the world has helped Apple get its respect in the tech world. They have always rolled out products and services that people are willing to pay for and are easier to use even for a layman.

However, today we have discussed 10 impressive engineering details of Apple products which puts them ahead of all competitors.

1. Laser Shine Light Through Metal

Apple purchased large amounts of CNC machines which were used to produce the finer details in Apple laptops. The CNC machine made precise  drills into the aluminum body, then lasers were used to cut tiny holes thin enough that it can let light through, but these holes were virtually undetectable by human eyes. 

Laser Shine Light Through Metal

2. Perceived Thickness

Apple’s product designs have modified curves which are more gentle forming sharp corners. This makes the device look thinner than it actually is; hence, the curves give the perception of a thinner device.

Percieved Thickness For Apple Laptops

3. Unibody Assembly

Apple has changed the design of the display assembly with the introduction of Unibody Macbooks and Macbook pro models. Now, there is a glass panel assembly that is placed on top of the LCD panel due to which it is possible to crack just the glass panel and save yourself some money. 

The new Unibody MacBooks are machined from a block of aluminum to create a strong, single-piece case. It is covered from back with two thin panels – one of which is screwed down while the other pops open easily to present the internal battery and  more accessible hard drive.

unibody assembly

4. Asymmetric Fan Blades

MacBook Pro have asymmetric fan blades to spread the sound over a variety of frequency and to quiet down the spinning impeller without sacrificing performance of the machine. In simple words, they don’t produce a single discernible frequency while spinning which makes the sound easier to ignore and, in turn, appear quieter.

Asymmetric Fan Blades

5. Tapered Edges On All Products

The tapered edge gives razor thin, sleek, and stylish industrial design on all the Apple products.

Tappered Edges

6. Engineered Airflow System

Mac has the control system which monitors the internal temperatures and delivers airflow to critical components by adjusting fan speed based on feedback from sensors inside the computer. The sensors are very responsive to temperature changes e.g. processor intensive activities can speed up fans to provide additional air-flow.

Mac computers have hidden air-vents at the back that allow heated air to exit. You need to make sure to keep the vents unblocked to allow your computer to perform well. The best way is to use the computer on hard flat surface like a table or desk to allow optimal radiation of heat.

Mac Pro Air Flow System

7. Inside Details

The inside of the MacBook Pro reveals a cutting edge technology which makes it a dream machine for anyone who wants a mobile computer for watching videos, playing games and creating high definition content.

Macbook Pro has improved processor and graphics performance, leading edge data transfer and device interconnect technology and more energy efficiency which has helped design slimmer, lighter and higher performing notebooks with longer battery life at more affordable prices.

Inside Details Of Apple Vs Dell Computer

8. Trackpad Sensitivity

Apple laptops have a layer on the trackpad which allows it to remain non-sticky. The touch sensitivity and no buttons makes it easy to click from anywhere and the natural scroll is an ad on facility.

Apple Trackpad

9. Sleep Indicator In Macbooks

Most models of modern Apple laptops have little light that indicates when the computer is in sleep mode. This is tuned to the rate at which an average adult breathes.

Apple filed a patent for a “Breathing Status LED Indicator” in July 2002 which states an LED light that is turned on and off in accordance with an average adult breathing rhythm – 12 to 20 breaths per minute. Apple found that displaying the human respiratory rhythm is “psychologically appealing” for users.

Macbook Sleep Indicators

10. Backlit Keyboard Technology

Apple keyboard has no explicit number pad which saves a lot of space. The laptop is also equipped with backlit technology which is an expensive feature and hardly available in most of the contemporary laptops. However, it has been in Macbook since forever.

Backlight Keyboard Technology

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