10 Facts About Human Eye That Will Blow Your Mind

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If you want to appreciate the power of vision, ask a blind man whose world is darkened forever. Eyes help you see so that you can recognize your loved ones, look around the beautiful world, differentiate between shapes, sizes and colors. However, your eyes can do much more than this; therefore, we have collected 10 amazing facts about Human Eyes that you need to know.

1. You See With Your Brain , Not Your Eyes. If Anything Goes Wrong, Visual Cortex Needs To Be Blamed

1-You See With Your Brain Not Eyes

2. Shark Eyes Have Been Used As Replacements In Human Eye Surgery Due To Similarities In Cornea

2-Shark Eyes Have Been Used As Replacements In Human Surgery

3.  “In The BLink Of An Eye” Is Not Just An Expression

Eyes are the fastest muscles in the body with the blink rate of 5 per sec taking 100 to 150 ms for each blink.

3-Eye Muscle Is The Fastest Muscle In The Body

4. Your Brain Adapts To Upside Down Images; Eventually Seeing Things Right Side Up 

4-Brain Corrects The Upside Down Images

5. Doctors Have Yet To Transplant Eye Balls As Optive Nerves Are Very Sensitive To Reconstruct

5-Doctors Have Yet To Do Eye Ball Transport

6. Your Eye Lenses Are Instantly Capable Of Changing Focus Making Them Faster Than Any Camera Lenses

6-The Eye Lens Is Quicker Than Camera Lens

7. Eyes Heal Quickly Usually Withing 48 hours E.g. To Repair Corneal Scratch 

7-Eyes Heal Quickly

8. Every Blue Eye Individual In The World Share A Common Ancestor

The first person to have blue eyes lived 6000 to 9000 years ago, before that everyone had brown eyes.

8-Blue Eyes Peronals Share Common Ancestors

9. Heterochromia Is An Eye Condition Which Happens When A Person Is Born With Different Color Eyes

9-Eye Condition For Two Different Eye Colors

10. Each Eye Contains 107 Million Light Sensitive Cells

Eyes have two types of photoreceptor cells: Cones and Rods. There are seven million ‘cones’ cells to detec color and detail while hundred million ‘rods’ cells to differentiate between black and white.

10-Each Eye Contain 107 million cells

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