10 Facts About Pakistan That Will Blow Your Mind

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You may have heard about Pakistan in relation to ‘Brazuca’ – the official football that was made in Pakistan for the FIFA World Cup in 2014. Or you may have heard some unfortunate news about Pakistan via the various media channels. We’ve gathered 10 facts about Pakistan which you do not see every day on traditional media. These facts will blow your mind and may even change your perspective of the country.

We’ve also written 10 facts about the United States, as part of a series on the worlds countries.

1- Highest Mountain Ranges In The World

Pakistan is home to some of the world’s highest mountain ranges. They include the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush range, in which four mountains out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world are located. K-2, the world’s second highest peak, is also located in Pakistan.

highest mountain ranges in the world - pakistan

 2- Largest Deep Sea Port in the World

Gwadar port is the largest deep sea port in the world, located at the South Western Arabian Sea, along the coast line of Balochistan, Pakistan. This port is considered a lifeline in the region’s economy. Pakistan has agreed on a collaboration with China to turn Gwadar into a full scale commercial port.

Largest deep sea port in the world - gwadar pakistan

3- Highest paved International Road

Did you know that the “Eighth Wonder of the World” is located in Pakistan? Karakoram Highway has been constructed at a height of 15,397 ft between China and Pakistan. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region.

highest paved international road Karakoram-Highway

4- Second Largest Salt Mine in the World

Khewara Salt Mines are the world’s second largest, and Pakistan’s oldest salt mines.  It was discovered by Alexander the Great’s troops in 320 B.C. So that’s a long long time ago.

The salt mines are the largest source of salt in the world, producing 350,000 tons of salt per year. The salt mine reserves are estimated to be about 600 million tons, so don’t worry, there’s plenty more salt to be mined.

secong largest salt mine in the world - khewara salt mine

5- One of the Largest Deserts In The World

The Thar desert is located on the border between Pakistan and India. It’s the world’s ninth largest sub-tropical desert. This desert is about 10,000 years old and was once a water source for the Indus Valley Civilization.

One of the largest deserts in Pakistan - thar

6- Highest Polo Field in the World

Shandur Top is located in Gilgit, Pakistan and called “Roof of the World”, because it’s elevated at a height of 12,200 ft. Every year a polo match is played between Gilgit and Chitral teams. People from all around the world come to watch this match, at the highest polo field in the world.

highest polo ground in the world - shandur gilgit pakistan

7- Largest Irrigation System in The world

The world’s largest irrigation network is present in Pakistan. It serves 14.4 million hectares of cultivated land. The irrigation system is fed by water from the Indus River. The main features of the system are its three major storage reservoirs, namely, Tarbela and Chashma on the River Indus and Mangla on the River Jhelum; 19 barrages; 12 inter-river link canals and 43 independent irrigation canals with a total length of the main canals at 58,500 km.

largest irrigation system in pakistan

8- Largest Ambulance Network in the World

Edhi Foundation is the world’s largest non-profit social welfare organization. This organization provides 24-hour emergency services, medical & healthcare services and shelter for orphans.  Abdul Sattar Edhi started the service from a single room and now it has over 300 centers all over Pakistan. It has branches in other countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, Japan and China.

Edhi - largest ambulance network in the world

9- First Islamic Country To Attain Nuclear Power

Pakistan became the first Islamic country to become a nuclear power on 28th May 1998. The country ensured a defence against possible threats from outside the country.

pakistan first islamic country to become nuclear power

10- More than 50% of the Worlds Footballs are made in Pakistan

Sialkot is a city famous for making sports equipment. Hand-stitched footballs are a trademark of the city. Around 60 milion hand-stitched footballs are produced by small firms in Sialkot, Pakistan. In 2014, 42 million official ‘Brazuca’ footballs were exported to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup. Even NASA tested the football and declared it the best football ever made.

50 percent of football in the world are made in pakistan

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163 Comments to 10 Facts About Pakistan That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Md Resadul Haque

    My perception regarding Pakistan has truly changed. In Shaa Allah I will visit Pakistan soon if political turmoil subsides!

      • Akhter Shamim

        About Imran Khan, he is a novice in the arena. He is a bit misguided by his surroundings like the previous foreign minister and the previous PML stalwart. It is said that the real power inside the party is with these two. Many workers have dissociated from the party because of this. His choices of of ministers were not based on talent. His mistakes have led to misalignment of popularity/allagiance in Karachi against his party
        As for our resources, it is being depleted at supersonic speed. The Saindak Project ore depletion is a serious matter. The excavation company need not submit an audit as long as it incurring a (pseudo) loss. What a catch!

      • rajneesh sharma

        …but the country continues to promote & export terrorism in a big way,,,,so the apprehensions about Pakistan is justified.Besides,, Pakis themselves are a divided nation,,the elected representatives themselves are a bunch of terrorists.

        • 1. the indians r the great nation of the world….haha…shame on you… the only nation which is divided in caste system and the upper caste even dont consider the lower majority as equal human being….
          2. Indian hindus and muslim always at daggers head at each other, then also united nation?
          3. You were defeated and humiliated three times by a smaller country…remember.. in 1948 you lost a lot of your lands….now we possess, in 1965 you were again fucked, and in 1968 u were fucked by china…then also a brave nation….???? if u r brave and united, we wish such unity and bravery in your future as well…

          • Lol pakistan lost the. Battle in.each of the war.. what does.your media show u. we have proofs with our. army

        • its not true, Pakistan is most terrorist victimized country in the world, and these terrorist organization is growing with the help of India and Afghanistan..

        • Then you are misguided.
          We are fighting against terrorism in WAZIRISTAN and we condemn ALL forms of terrorism.
          We are a united nation with one of the best army in the WHOLE world.

    • alias man

      Oh well look at the guy Making that football .. doesnt look like he’s very happy, i bet he gets paid enough to get one square meal… for himself alone

      • i live in sialkot, iv been to the factories where they make these. they get paid enough for them to have enough for a healthy life. the minimum wage in punjab is 12,000 they get paid from the range of 12,000 to 15,000. thats a good amount compared to other parts of the country and other countries as well.

      • Ahmed Ibrahim

        Stop thinking like an American, the guy could be just tired and that’s it, the American perception about Pakistan is nothing but bull

      • Babar Saleem

        Get a life a$$hol3. I had seen the shit you produced against Pakistan. Yes we are bitten by terrorism but we are fighting back bravely. Yes we are looted by corrupt politician but we are still among those who gives much in charity. We fought four wars with India over Kashmir because we Pakistanis think Kashmiris are ours (brothers) and this make kashmir ours.

        • Vikram Singh Deopa

          OHH really….you were going really well bro but that last line….**We fought four wars with India over Kashmir because we Pakistanis think Kashmiris are ours (brothers) and this make kashmir ours..**

          Interestingly said…I was just wondering…what if you think the residents of USA are your brothers…will that make the USA your private property…???

          No brother…First of all you need to fix the whole lot pile of shit and vermin of your own nation which is blocking paths of your development…and for that..you will find all your INDIAN friends standing right next to you…

          But let the Kashmir be…if you really love the KASHMIRIS please don’t force them for doing what you think is right.

          I wish a better future and peace for Pakistan and I wish one day we will live like USA and CANADA…!!

          LOVE FROM INDIA.

          • Vikram, Just for your information, 80% of cashemire’s population is Muslim and the only reason this region didn’t completely joined Pakistan at its creation is that they had a Hindu leader who has too much proud to do the right decision and accept the Muslim/ Hindu separation. So to sum up we are not forcing kashmiris to think our way, YOU are.
            Pakistan wanted a referendum to ask Cashmiris themselves who hey want to join, the only one to refuse are indians.

            Love from Pakistan :)

          • Annie anas

            We don’twant kkashmir to be ours. We just want it to be an independent and prosperous country. And i think kkashmir also wants to be independent.

          • If only more people from both sides of the border spoke with your tolerance and compassion rather than lead a debate into a tit for tat curse match it would definetly help both nations prosper. Pakistan’s issue is whilst founded on Islamic principles there are more Muslims in India then Pakistan and Pakistan is paying the price for being neither secular or Islamic it’s wedged between rule by those who if they look in the mirror will see an image of what a Muslim shouldn’t be most Pakistani people are decent but illiteracy and mindless cultural failures allow a few to brainwash n control the masses

          • hello buddy u said right but please take back ur one sentence that dont force kashmiris i am a kashmiri and i prefer to b with pakistan rather than india,

          • Umar Farooq

            Lol.. India is forcing Kashmiris not Pakistan. If Kashmiris wished to become your part they would have done so long ago.

          • rajneesh sharma

            truly appreciate the fervor with you sent pakis bowled!!look at their mehaman nawazi…the sri lankan cricket team was greeted with AK-74 bullets…..entire world recommends & knows the fact that pakis are a dreaded & most hostile nation. The social boycott is perhaps the only answer…..look they have even bombarded china-their all-weather friend..ha

      • I wonder how bigoted and hateful you are. Putting pictures of Indian soldiers committing atrocities against Kashmiris, you wana portray the democracy or dictatorship of Pakistan? You tell the world that most of the terrorists of the world live in Pakistan but hide the fact that RAW funds, trains and organizes them? Comparing forex reserves of Pakistan with Bangladesh I dont have the slightest idea what do you want to show? You say only 2% of Kashmiris want to join Pakistan, could you cite the plebiscite that gave these results??? You talk about installed capacity of Pakistan to be just 20000MW but you dont tell that the total demand is far less at 15000MW, what actually you want to convey?
        You are so bigoted

      • You are the asshole reason for people to think bad about Pakistan, first look into your own country and than point finger.. low life scum bag

    • Sir, u can visit here anytime …. when u’ll land on any airport, u’ll not even realize that there is something wrong …. U can freely visit any corner of the county …. The beauty lies beneath a heap of lies and media propaganda

    • you don’t have to wait lol I visited in May and had the best time! Just use your common sense about where to go and how you get there of course, but this rule applies everywhere. I was safe in Karachi and heard Islamabad and Lahore are even safer. Go and have fun!!

  2. mohammad shah

    Pakistan is one of the blessed countries in the world which has tremendous god gifted resources. It is because of these resources that unfortunately international world is interfering in the country more often to suppress it one way or the other.

    • Lol – Blessed country. Explain me how?
      World is interfering to suppress it?? That is a good one. As if the world cares about the scanty resources of Pakistan.
      Ever since Independence, Pakistan is going nowhere, but downhill. Not a single President / Prime Minister retired from his/her position healthily. They were either all ousted or assassinated. That speaks more about your country than anything else.

      • This in no way negates the fact the Pakistan is blessed with numerous natural resources, tourist attractions etc and last but not the least God has blessed the people of Pakistan with amazing minds. What you’ve mentioned are our failures as a nation and like other developing nations we are learning our lessons, although the hard way but nevertheless mindsets have started changing now.

        • “…God has blessed the people of Pakistan with amazing minds.” ….That’s a joke! If they’d the amazing minds, they wouldn’t do what they did during 1952…1971…so on. And the worst part, they even don’t know how to apologise! They don’t have any guilty feelings either! Allah doesn’t like these type of minds.

          • In the spirit of neutrality:
            Where were the apologies when my husband recovered a 9 year old boy from the toilet of a hospital in Lahore after a bomb planted by your nation detonated?

          • God told you that himself? Because He alone gets to judge. Not you. How you make these sweeping generalizations is beyond me. The actions of a few don’t speak for the millions living in the country.
            Open your mind.

          • Vikram Singh Deopa

            If the Govt. of Pakistan would only be against India but supportive to their own people then as well I must have appreciated it…but alas…the true story is they kill more Pakistani people then they ever have killed the Indians.
            For whatever God you have faith in..for whatever religion you believe in please protect your people first..educate them in a brighter path..there is nothing wrong in learning from your losses..

            My pray go out for the little flowers who all were crushed in the inhumane and cowardly attack by Taliban.

            Please save your kids first…they are your future..

            Love from INDIA.

      • salahuddin

        Huh…ur answer must be given since 1947.since then Pakistan has started its journey for development despite so many hurdles and worldwide pressures.since then Pakistan started to grow from a paper pin to nuclear missiles which your favourite countries feel threat. India n USA inculcated terrorism in Pakistan which our forces will curb soon InshaAllah.Finally if you have not done any thing for your soil then you do not have right to say against it…play your part first then comment otherwise keep supporting filthy ideology.

          • I know what you are rearing to. But you deliberatly overlook the fact that traitor meet cohort ed with enemy of Pakistan and had terrorist like multi but in is trained in India for many years and than India in Ita interfering way equipped them and planted them in East Pakistan. And you think Pakistan should police for it.

            Man you if this is the reason u want Pakistan to apologize for.

            You got your facts totally upside down and totally wrong.

        • Hi Salahuddin,

          I dont know whether you were in good in history or not – but I found the answer to that after reading your response. USA had been supporting Pakistan right from the beginning and throughout the Cold War, and you’re saying they were against your country? The amount of funds that USA gave for “humanitarian needs” is over 10 billion USD till date. Also, your mention of India inculcating terrorism in Pakistan is absolute ridiculous – especially after incidents of 1965, 1971 and 1999. I know you’re poor at history so lemme explain it for you .

          In 1965 – Pakistani Generals, thinking that India is weakened by its war with China in 1962, came up with a strategy of infiltrating their armies into Kashmiri villages, posing as civilians. Their aim was to instigate the locals for separation from India. However, the locals smelled foul and immediately alerted the Indian Army. It was one of the shortest wars in the history of mankind.

          In 1971 – Bangladesh was formed as a result of the atrocities their population faced by their “Western” counterpart as a result of a collaborative Indian Military Intervention. Even the United States, then an ally of Pakistan, condemned these atrocities.

          In 1999 – After Lahore Declaration of bilateral ties and peaceful resolution of Kashmir conflict in Feb 1999, Pakistan Military launched a full scale infiltration, disguising their soldiers as “Terrorists” on Indian soil. This incident happened merely 3 months after this historic agreement, showing utter disregard for peace. Despite losing the war, Pakistan government denies its involvement, and refused to accept the dead bodies of their own soldiers, thereby denying their loved ones to say their final prayers. Thus, Indian Army, buried them with pure respect.

          With ISI, backing Kashmir insurgency, now even the USA has backed its alliance with a terrorist sponsoring state such as Pakistan.

          • Ghalib.

            Let me re-iterate some of your knowledge. USA had only used Pakistan as its scapegoat in the past and is using it even now. the problem with Americans is that once they have obtained their objectives, they leave the collaborators cleaning out the mess they leave behind.
            Indian intelligence agencies were involved in Bangladesh since early 1960s. In fact, the main purpose of raising RAW in 1968 was to organise covert operations in Bangladesh. As early as in 1968, RAW was given a green signal to begin mobilising all its resources for the impending surgical intervention in erstwhile East Pakistan. When in July 1971 General Manekshaw told Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that the army would not be ready till December to intervene in Bangladesh, she quickly turned to RAW for help. RAW was ready. Its officers used Bengali refugees to set up Mukti Bahini. Using this outfit as a cover, Indian military sneaked deep into Bangladesh. The story of Mukti Bahini and RAW’s role in its organisation and training is now well-known. RAW never concealed its Bangladesh operations. (details in Asoka Raina’s Inside RAW: the story of India’s Secret Service published by Vikas Publishing House of New Delhi).
            The RAW’s role was in Bangladesh was the Provision of intelligence to the policy-makers and the armed forces; to train the Bengali freedom fighters in clandestine training camps; to network with Bengali public servants from East Pakistan posted in West Pakistan and in Pakistan’s diplomatic missions abroad and persuade them to co-operate with the freedom-fighters and to help in the freedom struggle by providing intelligence; to mount a special operation in the CHT against the sanctuaries and training camps of the Naga and Mizo hostiles;and to organize a psychological warfare (PSYWAR) campaign against the Pakistani rulers by disseminating reports about the massacres of the Bengalis in East Pakistan and the exodus of refugees.(Role of RAW in Liberation of Bangladesh By B Raman, Indian Defence Review New Website/ Indian Defence Review).
            An American report confirmed RAW was directly involved in the secession of East Pakistan into Bangladesh and is currently engaged in similar activities. RAW has a long history of activity in Bangladesh supporting both secular forces and the area’s Hindu minority masterminding the break up of Pakistan in 1971.
            The main objective of the RAW is to create internal trouble in neighbouring countries and take benefit from the trouble that the neighbouring countries face(Machination of RAW in South Asia and Movement of RAW in Nepal/ by Dr Shastra Dutta Pant).
            Its easy to malign one side but every story has two sides.. know both that’s education

          • I am a kashmiri and we hate each and everything indian. You know why ? because there are 0.8 million indian troops in our territory. more then 2 lac kashmiri’s have lost thier lives , thousand’s of our kids butchered. India will pay for its crimes

          • Yes, the very terrorists that the CIA created to serves their own interest in the first place.

      • Hello Ghalib,
        You seem to be extremly ill informed regarding the natural resources found in Pakistan, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Rich Uranium are few resources that are being exploited from Pakistan today by the US, Britain, Israel, Canada and other “civilized” countries.

      • I wish if I hadn’t read your comment my friend. Since you have shared your view let me take you back to 60z n 70z. The first country in the world made ball point pen what you are using today instead of led pencils and fountain pens. First country in Asia who sent satellite in space.
        President ayub khan was given a feast in the house of Abraham Lincoln’s house where no one was taken before on a dinner.
        John F cannady said in 60z that we are waiting if London, New York or Karachi becomes world business hub by the end of next decade.
        Its not someone’s fault but we were derailed. And Ghalib, we ruled over Indians fore more than 1000 years they never ruled on us. The big taj mahal, qutub minor, laal qilla etc were made by our emporers not by any hinduz. Keep calm n kam say kam.
        Ganwa dee humny wo aslaaf Jo meeras main paee the …

        • Ali bhai, Pakistan is of course a great country, with all difficulties of a developing nation you have kept a mark on world economy. But there is some problem in your basics about India. India is not a Hindu country so Taj Mahal does not need to be built by Hinduz to be an Indian architecture, and what do you mean by ‘our emporers’?

        • alias man

          erm u mean ‘we’ were taxing the serfs out of their live’s earnings to build a monument to our dead queen when americans were building harvard university. no wonder we’re where we are now and they’re where they’r now.

      • You must be an Indian. I wish you’d written your true identity. Yes, some countries don’t want to see Pakistan prosper. These countries range from our neighbor to far in the west. They collude with greedy elements in our society to keep it in constant turmoil. Can anyone explain the numerous indian consulates in Afghanistan along our Balochistan border?

      • ithink u havent read abt pakistan’s history…. in 1960’s era pakistan was so prosperous that international megazines
        used to writes articles like “whose gnna be the next economic power in the world “Washington, London or “Karachi””
        n karachi was the capital of pakistan. i think u shud better do some research on pakistan before making some wild
        comment. its just that zionists n world powers have come into alliance n their plan is working so far….

      • Fatima Aftab

        Pakistan is a traditional and a blessed country this fact can be illustrated if you have eyes just see the beauty of our country it is a country which experiences 4 seasons where women are treated like queens where the most delicious and nutritious vegetables and fruits are grown.I agree that we are facing certain financial and political problems but it does not mean that it gives a right to you people to criticise our country.I dont care it either it is the worlds most developed or poor country i just know one thing that it is my country and i love it so stoppppp saying worthless and rubbish things about my country my homeland no one have this right.We pakistanis can also say bitter things about your country but we dont because we dont want to become like you by doing the things that you do.

    • Pakistan is a blessed country with all resources, can be made to heaven, but got into wrong hands who is killing people to go to an unseen heaven when they have one where they live now. Once the hatred, fanaticism changes to broad mindedness, then even jihadis can live in heaven while alive.

  3. #7 should be 14.4 million hectares, not 14.4 hectares, and even 14.4 million hectares sounds low. I think the actual figure is closer to 20 million. Nice list. Cheers!

  4. There seems to be an error. “Every year a polo match is played between Gilgit and Chital teams”. Its ChitRal not Chital.

  5. All the things nature has gifted us. Needs to be utilized in a proper way. The nation will be on its way to progress.

  6. By the grace of Almighty we have a very beautiful country which has mountains to sea, deserts to fertile land with all the four seasons in full bloom, mineral resources of all types and very hardworking and talented human beings. May almighty bring the peace and show us the right path to follow, Amen.

    • Sallaam and PEACE to all.

      Do not wait for Allah to make peace, when muslims follow the Deen of Allah as in the Quran there will be peace.

    • Nadeem Akhter

      i dnt think jz prayers can make any change, until and unless one do not take a concrete step.

    • Vikram Singh Deopa

      Along with all these gifts…there has to be a kind intention as well..May Allah provide your nation with stability,sense of responsibility and kindheartedness.

      with love from INDIA…!

      • Fatima Aftab

        Mister wikram dont need to worry about our country’s people we have enough love ,sense,a lot of kindness,sense of responsibility.
        For all those who are saying even a single bitter word about my religion just listen one thing no book no rule gives you this right to criticise anyone’s religion.Our God love us a looooooooooot that’s why He always save us from the biggest and toughest turmoils we are a nation and are proud of us we are pakistanis and love our country.So no one needs to worry about us.

  7. I wish Pakistan were in the hands of sincere people. We can turn the country into one of the best tourist attractions.

  8. We need leaders like Imran Khan to utilize all of these natural resources in a mature way to attract the world for tourism, peace and hormony.

  9. Part of the problem is country gone downhill because of lack of education and training. The other half is the world decided long time ago to abandon it in reference to the new world order. All actions does have a reaction. Still, people of Pakistan need to take control of their destiny and put the nation and country on the right path.

  10. Nayab Hussain

    Proud of my country. Nicely listed impressive. May God bless Pakistan with peace and sincer leadership Ameen.

    • Rana mohsin Ibrahim

      Agreed all that pakistan are required an honest sincere leadership , once found pakistan will goes on. We love our country pakistan Zindabad

  11. You havnt mentioned the one of the oldest civilizations. Gandhara civilization. Its the oldest civilization of the world

  12. Shahid Shamsi

    I found an error in number 6 Regarding the world highest polo ground Shandor. This polo ground is a part of Chitral not Gilgit and we chitrali people are realy proud of it. This should b corrected…. :)

      • yet there is another highest polo ground which is on Baltro Glacier base near Concodia and Goray just turning towards k-2 base camp that is as much high as7000m or so the name of that polo ground is MUSHTAG SHAGHRAN, here the top polo team of Srinagar, Chatral and Gilgat use to play and local Skardu administration use to run that but since long ago this has been abundant for being too difficult terrain to approach as it is about 70 miles from Skardu and about 30 kilometers distance on Baltro Glacier has to be traveled to approach that, but the question is that existed and even now it is there ! And that is no less than a wonder.

    • And this is the problem of Pakistan and this is exactly the reason why Pakistan is in high tides…

      The amazing country with the worst nation… where my this dear friend has problem that polo ground is part of chitral not gilgit… as if gilgit is in someother country…

      Thats the problem of this nation where punjab belongs to Only punjabis, Sind to only sindhis, balochistan to only baloochs, Sarhad to srahadians… we did same with religion, in pakistan there are millions of people so we have millions of religions. And we feel proud calling every other an infidel.

      The day we Pakis start tolerating others and start considering them human with equal rights… that will be the day when Pakistan will shine… and start its overdue journey toward success and happiness.

      Till then there is no hope…


      • Fatima Aftab

        Mr Haider weare one nation we understand this thing well we stand with each other’s problem we know what nationalism is.I agree that we are involved in our culturezs alot but we have one religion and that is islam that’s it.

  13. Ghazala Haq

    Which country of this world has such a variety of scenery, seasons, fruits, grains, vegetables and people…….but we don’t thank Allah enough, we don’t know how to stand united, we take everything for granted and we r masters of wasting the bounties of Allah. We say we r “MUSALMAAN” but we r not in the real sense.
    We need to improve ourselves individually, do lots of “istaghfaar”. Only if we r an upright nation then only will we b able to build a Pakistan respected all over the world.

  14. HI…
    Pakistan is a very beautiful country. Wish politics were different and leaders were different…then today Pakistan would be a different place altogether. May be someday a change will come. This long stay turmoil should end. It will be a different Pakistan. God bless all.

    • jamila ramzan

      Pakistan is a beautiful country.If the Shariah laws are implemented then only tremendous progress can be attained .

  15. Shahzad a khan

    If v hav security n peace in our country also efficient tourist DEPcan change the destiny.

  16. Hafeez Ur Rehman

    Simply, Pakustan is the best country and none can compare its resources.


    • Vikram Singh Deopa

      Very nicely quoted. This is a truth…but my friend..I am sad to say..it is not the only truth…

      With Love From INDIA.

  17. saeed malik

    Pakistan is amoung top producer of agricultural commodities like wheat, cotton, sugarcane, and several fruits and vegetables. 5th largest milk producer and among top livestock population in the world. There are many reasons why can’t we become prosperous and truly independent nation.

  18. Fahad Munir

    In “1- Highest Mountain Ranges In The World” it is mentioned, “They include the Himalayas and HinduKush range in which four mountains are present in the list of 14 highest peaks in the world.”
    There are two errors in the statement;
    Firstly, there are three mountain ranges in Pakistan; Himalayas, Karakorum and HinduKush.
    Secondly, there are not four but five (eight thousander) mountains present in Pakistan in the list of 14 highest peaks in the world. 5 eight thousanders are;
    Nanga Parbat
    Gasherbrum I
    Broad peak
    Gasherbrum II

    • and the most beautiful highest although a little less than 8000 m is Raka Poshi (kara karum Rangees) it is dream peak amongst the mountain lovers and indeed the most beautiful place at the top there is no mountain in the world which can compete that beauty ,it is only seeing is believing! One can see its one face while standing on Rhahrah Rashem after crossing Gillget towards Hunza!

  19. Ahsan khan

    Imran khan is jusy bullshit.. we need sincere leader means we need some 1 sincere not a politician like imran khan or any other present..guys u should really think about it is there a single person u could rely on just choose the best

  20. Pakistan is a great country with much potential. I visited a few times, and there is nothing in the world like the hospitality and its people are wonderful. They have minor issues for a country that is not that old. I truly feel that in the near future it will be one of the most developed countries in Asia. Pakistan, May God’s gracious blessings be upon you.

    • Ur statement made me feel really proud and happy in this difficult time that Pakistan is facing! Thanks a lot!

  21. Inshallah…may Allah s.w.t bless all people in the world in this month of ramadan.

    ramadan kareem to all…

  22. 6.NAGA PERBAT:- Nanga Parbat (main peak) has a height of 8,126m/26,660 ft. It has three vast faces. The Rakhiot (Ra Kot) face is dominated by the north and south silver crags and silver plateau; the Diamir face is rocky in the beginning. It converts itself into ice fields around Nanga Parbat peak. The Rupal face is the highest precipice in the world. Reinhold Messner, a living legend in mountaineering from Italy, says that “every one who has ever stood at the foot of this face (4,500m/14,764ft) up above the ‘Tap Alpe

  23. No doubt that Pakistan is a blessed land from all aspects but where do we stand as a nation, we must ask this question to ourself that are we really doing something as a nation to improve or save these assets. Let’s admit that politically and ethically the situation is deteriorating and we all are somehow contributing toward this. May Allah save our country and give us strength to admit our mistakes and work toward betterment of our country’s situation collectively as a nation. Ameen

  24. Javed Butt

    There are uncounted blessing on Pakistan. The only drawback is its in the wrong hands of corrupt politicians. The common people are very nice and they all love this country.

  25. I absolutely loved this article for various reasons. I ll start with the good ones, keeping the tone of this comment as unbiased as possible. It definitely shows how far Pakistan has come after its unfortunate separation. Karakoram Highway is indeed an eighth wonder of the world, Gwader Port construction is a modern marvel in itself. Edhi organisation is one of the most humanitarian organisation in this world – helping the needy in a state that doesn’t do the job itself. And of course the hardworking football stitchers of Sialkot, ensuring the world-class quality of footballs they make. These aforementioned are truly the achievements of Pakistan, making a mark for itself in the world.

    However there are certain points that I must say, unfortunately are misleading people.

    Highest mountains in the world – Himalayas and Hindukush: Pakistan is 67 years old, yet it claims the natural beauty of the Himalayas to be their own. It belongs to the country Pakistan was once part of. Its called “Hindukush” for a reason.
    Claiming natural beauty as its own and defining it as its country’s most prized asset is wrong, especially for a country that has claim for it for even less than a century. The “One of the largest deserts in the world” is part of the great Thar desert, also a part of Indian legacy. Again, Its called “Indus Valley Civilisation” for a reason. The salt mine, the polo ground and the great irrigation canals are all part of the “Indian Legacy” that was handed to Pakistan after separation. Yet this article claims that they are created by Pakistanis.

    Pakistan is surely trying to make its own identity after separation, although it is not going in the right direction, considering its current and past political scenarios. The people think they are proud of their country, but on the other hand, want to leave their own country because of the appalling living conditions and lack of freedom. It is still mired by tribal laws and archaic traditions that hamper its progress.

    I feel quite disappointed by the above comments, as its jingoistic yet no veritable information exists in them.

    • • These comments are one opinion i personally differ as the Kara Karum, Hindu Kush or Himalayas ranges ( has no reasons of killing of Hindus as the ranges existed much before Islam) were never made by any Indian legend rather these existed even on formulation of earth! So whichever the country owns them is their identity then why did not you protest salt range? The irrigation system is creation of British rule and not of any Indian ruler so where ever after fortunate partition of two nation theory’, so it is the assets of those people where it belongs the planner were although were British but the work force was of vernacular public and not of south Indians or some were ahead! and mind you all the peaks are in Kara Karum ranges which is very much Pakistan Territory even that which is in Kashmir or China. It is only Himaiaylian ranges that is in Pakistan, India and Nepal and has only one highest peak and that is Mount Everest (Nepal), Ko Hindu Kush has nothing to do with Hindustan it is between Afghistan and Pakistan and was there even inception of India. Now coming down to the deserts if presently one visits the ther area you only find the desert on Pakistan side and the Indian side is totally Green belt up till boarder line so if that desert exists good or bad it is on Pakistan side one more thing unique of this desert it has the sand dunes their lining due to one side wind direction are of its own beauty and type nowhere else such sand dunes are found even in Sahara (Africa) , Gobi Desert (China) or Rub ul Kahai of KSA. Thar Desert has the only kind of largest breed of dears which no where else found in the entire world. If anyone has any objectionable question regarding “Indus Valley Civilization” he needs to go through history and not fictions. As far in habitation in the north western frontier side is concerned they have their own traditions and hundreds of millions people living over there all never opted for USA visa lottery ever, if some of them have migrated it is all over globe happening then why blame only one meek part of earth! Is not that be termed stupidity. By and large Pakistan is country of its own unique tangents its geography its position it’s everything. Last and not the least Rome was not build in one day. so is not it be best to say to “think before you speak”.

      • Zakia Salim

        I fully agree with your comments. I suggest that it’s about time you reconcile with the fact of partition of India. It was the most fortunate thing that happened but of course you have a right to your own view point. Do visit our country someday, you may get rid of some of your negativity.

  26. Hassan Joya

    Good work..I ve been to many countries….no match to scenic beauty of Pakistan…if i was the admin of this, i would add the following to the list:
    Kashmir (Neelum & Jhelum Valleys)
    Deo Sai Plain

  27. Mash allay. Very good work done. No doubt we are better than described. Pakistan zindabad.

  28. Javed Pakistani

    Masha Allah !! People of Pakistan should understand this that they should see their own country & not their neighbouring countries. Nobody is interested in Pakistan. Indians,Afghanis & Iranis are already against it. The Army is Anti Government. People are illiterate mostly fooled by Imran Khan type of people. Talking about shariat Law, its useless & dirty. People are born free, USA don’t have UK don’t have Australia & Canada don’t have aren’t they developing & Progressing. They are far ahead. I think the People who sits in mosques with foolish Ulemas who give wrong teachings has to be Banned, no sitting in mosque, only prayers will be done & get going after that.

    • Pakistan has just no problem with rest of the world, neither we want any confrontation with our neighbors like India Afghistan or Iran, China is our tested friend and neighbor too , Gawader port is troubling UAE and India We also have as much sea rights over Arabian sea and Indian ocean as others have the names do not depict the full go through those waters some are international waters and other territorial so where ever one has their excess there are rules made then why not follow and why try to create false hegemony unnecessarily! Pakistan by and large is peaceful towards all others countries but on our boarders there are some evil designed paranoids those threatening our security and those are mostly backed by India, not knowing the wisdom behind, if India sensible considers Pakistan is as a matter of fact Wall of China for them and without spending single penny they can live secure with Pakistan intact. But they have God for saken enmity with us! As for as interior situation is concern Pakistan was created on Two nation theory i.e Muslim of Hindustan to have separate home land and Hindus to have their separate country! so if any internal actors try to divert the actual path there will be internal troubles and if we follow the right path there will be no trouble, this country is victim of three military rules takeover through marshal law but yet every time reverted to democracy very peacefully is not it wonder of political science!!! it is indeed. the bickering has started after its creation and not as a result of its creation, so we will all have to restrain from being victim to allied dictated approach we are Muslims of subcontinent and we have our own values and faith that of Muslim all we need is to show resilience to each other and shoe up economical, agricultural educational and scientific growth in next ten fifteen years. We need to formulate polices remove dishonesty and corruption. God bless Pakistan

  29. I am an Indian and indeed, very proud to be one. At the same time, in spite of my country’s wealth, I am envious of Pakistan having such beautiful, scenic locations. These are the locations every nature lover must visit.
    The frosty relations between the two neighbors had the internal conflict in Pakistan is tragic and I can only hope that my neighboring country rids itself of all its maladies.
    I have a profound interesting in visiting Pakistan, and so I wish to reciprocate to the Pakistanis to come visit India.

  30. Javed Pakistani

    K-2 peak is not in Pakistan, its still called as Indian peak. One day Indians will take it from Qabayelis & throw away Anti-Humans from Kashmir. Why the Muslims are unhappy everywhere ?? Pakistan, Iraq,Syria,Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia,Palestine, Turkey & many other places. Other religions are more happy. Why ? Europeans are happy & Americans also..

  31. i never knew pakistan was soooooo beautiful…..would like to visit…..only problem is the terrorists n terrorism there. dont wanna get killed…. i just hope it would be a peaceful place soon

  32. I ask to all those negative minded people who commented on this article; have u ever seen any such article regarding other countries with negative comment that u guys are posting.
    In article regarding other countries ur comments would be “WOW”, “GREAT”, “AWASUM”, …
    If u cant speek good for this blessed country then keep ur mouth shut. Dont like it… then leave it. Loosers

    “Har jagha apnay randi ronay mat suru ker deya kerain; moka mahal to dekh leya kero”

  33. kashif iqbal

    Hi Ghalib

    your first comment showing your illness of your mind. If you were a peaceful person then you have been appreciated all these 10 points but not because you are narrow heart person and you have no patients for this that how Pakistan has all these.A lot of other people who are not Pakistani also have commented on this post but they appreciate all this but you not Why , Why i asked Why. if you have appreciated it then what will be wrong with you. But you know you are the real extremist because you can never see good things of other, you are selfish people, you only want yourself to be great in this world. So shame on you and please get some medical treatment because you are mentally ill, believe me you are mentally ill, so it will be better then it that you family send you to mental home, you should get some treatment,


    • Hi Kashif,

      The mere fact that you’re demeaning my personality suggests your narrow-mindedness. You can call me whatever you want. The fact that you wrote this hate mail is because you know I am right. You want to tell me Pakistan is a more peaceful country than India – YOU ARE WRONG. You want to tell me that Pakistan faces more terrorism than India – YOU ARE WRONG. You want to tell me that India is “somehow” jealous of Pakistan’s achievements – YOU ARE WRONG.
      About some facts – Pakistan Military has been infiltrating and attacking our Indian Posts repeatedly – It comes from the fact that either Pakistan Government has no control over its Armed Forces or Pakistan Govt is pre-emptively doing it to destabilise the region. Either case, Indian govt still tries to present a helping hand and opt for trade ties. The famed Lahore trip by Indian PM and various dignitaries was one of many examples how Pakistan spat right back at India. Not even 3 months after- Pakistan Military launched a full-scale offence at Kargil as proxy warfare. Despite the countless proofs and bodies of Pakistani Armymen recovered – it still denies any involvement in the case.

      You mentioned that I didnt appreciate this post – READ AGAIN. And with a clear conscious mind. Learn to take criticism. I doubt many people who’ve commented on this post don’t even have a single clue how unsafe it is for foreign nationals and Indians to even travel at these locations.

      • kashif iqbal

        Hi Ghalib

        Pakistan is not peacefull country because of India because you are involve in Balochistan trouble, You are involve in
        separating Bangladesh from Pakistan now you are involve in making scenario for separating Sindh from Pakistan and you are involve in bad situation of North Waziristan. We are responsible nation and we talked on proofs. Our governement has provided proofs of above all several time but no proper responce. and what about Samjhota Express Incident when tens of Pakistanis accept their shahadat. What about sciachin, who started it, what about Kasmir, who started it, what about Hyderabad Dakkan incident when they vote in the favour of pakistan and your government took control of hyderabad by police action and what about Bangladesh MuktiBahini’s when you trained them against Pakistan same like today when you are training innocent Blochi people in Afghanistan, Who started nuclear weapon run in the region, and what about 16 separation struggles in India, 30 percent of Indian is not under Indian Army and governemnt Control. You know you are By Birth Jugglers, its in you vains, Your are Biggest actors in this world, you do false deeds in the region and then make your self innocent by using you media, Movies. we have less army then you, we have less weapons then you but still you are trying to buy more and more, WHY WHY. Because you are Banyaas.
        What you did with ICC, ICC was stable and calm organization but when you extremist people get into it you disolve it only for your benefit. its show your dedicatory mind. You want to rule all over the region.But you can’t,. you are slave nation. we ruled you 1000 years. and remember we are your fathers and will balance each and every thing very soon.you elected the person as your prime minister who is the murderer of Hundreds of Muslims and christens. Its show your extreamist mind. Think for a while before talking against Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad

        • kashif iqbal

          HI Ghalib

          but still if you are saying that i am wrong then i am saying Sorry to you because we are peaceful nation and we don’t want
          any type of clash with others. we want to live freely with prosperity and want to live others in same way. But if someone will disturb our freedom and our peace then we will answer them with all of our Power. Peace for you.

          Kashif Iqbal

        • Vikram Singh Deopa

          Hey Man…take it easy now…on your personal notes you shouldn’t include nations..
          We are well interested in Pakistan..
          We want to see Pakistan growing and FLOURISHING…you know why??? Coz no one wants to be the neighbor of a poor and quarrelsome entity…and in here in INDIA we call our neighbors as brothers…!!

          • Fatima Aftab

            We also have the same feelings we dont want to become neighbour of a very unkind,selfish and jealoused country so plzz remain calm and kind to Pakistan.
            with love from PAKISTAN

        • ****
          ******* (Text removed by Moderator)
          Have u seen size if ur country..it is less than our one state…lol
          U can never compare yourself with us..
          How many university of our country is in top 100 of world university ?? See our
          We have many
          We produce largest no. Of doctors , engineers and scientists
          U produce largest no. If terrorist
          Osama was found in NaPAKISTAN nor in India
          Have u any answer
          And we rule ICC becz we have power
          World hear us becz they believe in India not in fake Pakistan

          And for our kind information our PM is selected by people of India where Muslim have second largest population not like ur country where people of minority can’t speak

  34. Theres only a need to redefine this beautiful country whose people’s hospitality is innervated with high spirit

  35. Rubab Tareen

    Undoubtedly Pakistan is the most beautiful country. I’ve visited Northern areas of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. I also have visited some foreign countries and always find Pakistan on the top in natural beauty. It is the fault of our government that they are ignoring the main source of income tourism in Pakistan. Govt should take some serious actions and consider tourism as an industry like Malaysia. If govt provide good facilities in those area, many people from all over the world will come to Pakistan.

    • I am agree with you.Pakistan is very beautiful country.Even India is also very beautiful.But we think western countries ahead of us in beauty.Both India and Pakistan has natural beauty.

  36. I’m INDIAN and I’m proud and fortunate to be one. Pakistan is a great place to be. I saw many comments which disturbed me that still on the basis of religion people fight. To be frank I feel unfortunate that the great nation was divided on the basis of religion. How can a country be created on the mere basis of religion and wants to be a democratic nation where it’s mere formation is undemocratic.
    I urge the entire human race to rise above religion and follow the path of humanism as this will not only mean peaceful life to us but to the entire community present and future

  37. Pankaj Pandey

    Problem of pakistan is that they take india as rheir enemy , using it as opportunity western narions have exploited this country…pakistan need a real leader to take it on the road to prosperity and these present leaders if trusted will destroy ur nation….i urge to my neighboring brothers and sisters to rise up fot their country

    • Sumbal Qamar

      Mr Arpan what do you actually want to say that all the international geography books are wrong all the people who have studied geography are idiots than you are wrong because if you have ever study or red geography this fact can be illustrared to you that

  38. 1. 10 interesting facts to know before visiting Pakistan
    2. Pakistan is largest source of polio virus in the world 1.
    3. Pakistan is listed as top 10 failed states consistently in last decade 2.
    4. Pakistan’s forex reserve in half to that of Bangladesh and it per capita gdp will be overtaken by Bangladesh by 2019 3.
    5. Pakistan has fought 4 wars with India for Kashmir but Only 2% of Kashmiris want to join Pakistan. It lost more than 120,000 men in process 4.
    6. Although Pakistan is founded as Democracy 33 years of 66 years of life was ruled by military 5.
    7. Pakistan is part of American war on Terror since 2001 but majority of Taliban reside in Pakistan and Osama bin laden was living near Pakistan Military headquarter 6.
    8. Pakistan is one of the top countries on verge of default every year before IMF bails it out 7.
    9. Only 1 in 200 in Pakistan files tax return in Pakistan. 8.
    10. Installed power generation in whole Pakistan is only 20,000 MW for 190 million population. 9.
    11. Pakistan minority community percentage fell from 25% in 1951 to less than 4% in 2014 10.

    • Sumbal Qamar

      Shas these are not the weaknesses of Pakistan these are the hardships facing by Pakistan every nation every country every religion face problems in India there are also many problems many weaknesses should we Pakistanis also start writing these points over here what will you feel than but dont worry we will not do that as we dont want to become cheapsters like you.

  39. We are blessed with everything except some bastard politicians like nawaz zardari. Now blessed with a leader like Imran Khan too. We will get rid of those politicians soon Insha Allah.

  40. Hi..

    I am an Indian, nd proud Hindu, its really gud to see der are many other things dan terrorism in pakistan. M not criticising or making fun of pakistan or anything like dat, I just wanna ask, how much pakistan encashing its natural beuaty into tourism, why pakistanis not ready to accept they are far behind of India in every aspect ? (Though china is enemy, we Indians accept that we are far behind of china, chinese people are more disciplined than Indians) why der is shariya kanoon? why many people hangs due to blasphemy? Why islam called other religion as KAFIR? Why whole world blames pakistan for terrorism?
    Der r many questions, rather many facts u should accept open heartedly. Because change will not happen until u all are ready to accepts ur mistakes..
    And k2 is part of India..
    All other facts are impressive..
    Thumps up for Dat..

    • Sumbal Qamar

      Mr Ajay Malu why islam consider other religion as kaffir i am not going to tell you that bcoz talking about religion make situation worse and i m not interested in any kind of fight but about terrorism if you are fond of news you must are aware of the incident happen in Peshawar we lost many youngsters due to these bloody talibans now answer my question that how Pakistan can be blamed for terrorism when it is a country which is targeted by the terrorism the most and why you indians say this thing that you are brothers and kind towards pakistanis when you are always kept on underestimating us so plzzzzzzz stop lying we pakistanis are also not interested to fight with you indians as in our country neighbours are respected a lot and about mistakes we have not did anything any mistake for which we have to agree.K2 is in Pakistan.what will be your reaction if i say that Taj Mahal is in Pakistan.

  41. NApak can never be compared with nuclear and superpower India..
    We just gave reply to our attack and made Bangladesh.. Think what will happen when we will attack on u
    Ur country will get erased from the map of this world..
    What will u timid person of pak do if I say yes all attack on our country is supported by us…nothing I know
    U know only to shout not to think and analysis..
    U know ur government and Army is playing game with u people
    They plan attack inside ur own country and blame India…so that they can divert our attention from the thing they promised u and can’t give ..
    And for world they all know OSAMA was found in our country. They killed and u could not even know
    For our kind information we r going to kill Daud who is in karanchi
    Have a bad time again

  42. Rahim Aman Shah

    Make one change ” SHANDUR” IS LOCATED IN CHITRAL AND NOT IN GILGIT….FOR GOD SAKE make a study while developing some report…

  43. even i want to visit pakistan as a tourist … ;I thinks indians will really like pakistan for familiar culture and yummy food :)

    love from indian brother :)

  44. Pakistan is very beautiful country.You can see highest mountains,beautiful hill stations like muree,historical places in lahore,modern cities like karachi,planning city Islamabaad,beautiful beaches along with arbian sea and much more.I love pakistan.
    From India

  45. we are happy in our country (India) and expect u too happy.At an individual level i luv both countries and just the borders and politics is separated in our country.Both the countries had suffered british rule and now being liberated we dont obey each other,i dont know why??

  46. Pradeep Singh

    Tired of hearing ill and terror Pakistan, I decided to Google Amazing facts about Pakistan and came across these… Surely we only see things from one prospective while ignoring rest…

    World should see around more optimistically and which much positive energy to make this world a better place to live in!

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