10 Features You Should Know About Samsung Gear VR Headset

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The virtual reality headset Samsung Gear VR is now available for purchase with the price tag of $200. This is the first time that a virtual reality headset is available to general consumers and Samsung’s the first major electronics company to go to market with a VR headset.

Samsung Galaxy VR Headset

The headset is the Innovator’s edition which means when you buy the headset, you will have to agree to this condition: “I understand the Gear VR is an Innovator Edition device targeted specifically to developers or early adopters of technology.”

Here are 10 features you should be aware of before you buy Samsung Gear VR headset.

1. Ultimate Viewing Experience

The headset has a 96 degree viewing angle which makes it easy for everyone to enjoy virtual reality. The device lets you feel the world beyond your peripheral vision and experience is similar to as if you are infront of a mega screen.

Galaxy VR Viewing Experience

2. Free Apps For Samsung Gear VR Headset

All apps related to Samsung Gear VR headset will be free on its launch. This step was taken keeping in view that most people will be new to the interface and integrating a payment system will only make the device more difficult to handle. Following are some of the apps available for the device.

  • OOBE/Intro to VR Oculus – Felix and Paul
  • Oculus Cinema – Oculus
  • 360 Videos – Oculus
  • 360 Photos – Oculus
  • Herobound – Oculus
  • Esper – Coatsink Software
  • Bomb Squad – Eric Froemling
  • Darknet – E McNeill
  • Viral – Fierce Kaiju
  • theBlu – Wemo Media, Inc.
  • Anshar Wars – OZWE
  • Proton Pulse – Zero Transform LLC
  • Titans of Space – Drash VR LLC
  • Romans From Mars – Sidekick LTD
  • Dreadhalls – Sergio Hidalgo
  • Ikarus – Uber Entertainment
  • Minotaur Rescue VR – Llamasoft, LTD

Galaxy VR Apps

3. Four Sensors 

The four sensors builts into the device are accelerator, gyrometer, geomagnetic and proximity. These sensors can help developers built variety of applications based on geo position, orientation, balance and sensing capability of other EM devices nearby.

4. Focal Adjustment

The Samsung Gear VR headset is also supported with focal adjustment to accomodate users who are near sighted or far sighted.

Samsung Galaxy VR Headset

5. Headset Controllers

The Samsung Gear VR headset can be controlled through a touch-pad which is used for navigation, a volume key to adjust sound and a dedicated back button.

6. Virtual Reality App Platform

An upcoming service called Milk VR will feature Samsung’s first virtual reality app platform with channels for music, sports and action. However, for now, users have to download apps for Gear VR from Oculus store.

7. 16 GB Micro SD Card In Box

The Samsung Gear VR with price tag of $199 is packed with a white version of the headset, a carrying case, replacement face cushioning, a lens cloth, a 16GB microSD card with starter content loaded, an SD card adapter, a user manual and the warranty statement. The micro SD card will be pre-loaded with a collection of 360-degree videos and 3D movie trailers from major studios.

8. Galaxy Note 4 Integration

The headset use the phablet “Samsung Galaxy Note 4” for the display. It is connected to Note 4 via microUSB slot. For now, the phablet is the only device which can be used as a screen for the headset.

Samsung Gear VR

9. Reduced ‘Motion To Photon Latency’

‘Motion to photons latency’ indicates the lag between you head movement in any direction and the system rendering graphics quickly enough for them to hit the Note 4’s screen. The Samsung team has been able to reduce the latency to 20 milliseconds which is fast enough for you to be able to look around the virtual environment without any lag.

10. 3D Spatial Sound

You can hear 3D spatial sound on Samsung VR player for VR gallery contents which requires earphone. It is still unclear how many gaming hours Galaxy Note 4 can provide with the 3220 mAh battery for the Gear VR.

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