10 Google Doodles From 2014 That You Should See

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Google search engine becomes even more fun when the Doodle Team come up with innovative & catchy doodles to cover special and memorable events.  This year we saw major advancements in Google Doodles from small tweaks in logo to full-blown illustrations, animations, graphics and interactive games.

Google has compiled a list of top 10 trending Google Doodles as part of 2014 review which includes events, people and holidays.

Check out the top Google Doodles in the list below.

1. Rubik’s Cube 

Rubiks Cube 2. World Cup 2014 

World Cup 2014

3. Winter Olympics 2014 

2014 Winter Olympics

4. Nelson Mandela

YouTube Preview Image

5. John SteinBack

YouTube Preview Image

6. Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn

7. Philae Robotic Lander

Philae Robotic Lander

8. International Women’s Day 2014

YouTube Preview Image

9. Valentine’s Day 2014

Valentine Day 201410. Audrey Zhang – Winner Of Doodle 4

doodle 4 winner audrey

Source: 3Wedge

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