10 Must Visit Cafes In Islamabad

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It is a nice change to have lunch, dinner or simply Hi-Tea at an outdoor place; perhaps a restaurant or a cafe. If the place offers good quality food with reasonable price, better services and natural views; the food tastes twice as good. We have collected 10 cafes from Islamabad that you should try the next time you visit the twin city.

Note: Although there are number of awesome cafes in Islamabad, but we have collected 10 of what we thought are best in the region.

10. Urban Lounge

Urban Lounge is located in Madina Market, F-8/2, Islamabad. The food prices are nominal thus justifying the food quality which is satisfactory. The visitors usually suggest improvement in Sheesha quality and service of the staff.

10-Islamabad Cafe-Urban Lounge

9. Rakaposhi Cafe & Patisserie

This cafe is located inside Serena Hotel, Islamabad, right at the foot of beautiful Margralla Hills. The food service here is expensive but food quality is not at all justified. However, high prices have its benefit as the services offered are excellent.

9-Islamabad Cafe-Rakaposhi Cafe & Patisserie

8. Cafe 1969

Cafe 1969 is located on Shakar Parian road, opposite to Lok Virsa, Islamabad. It is a unique theme based resturant replicating the golden period of Pakistan. It offers casual eatery with quality cuisine and reasonable prices. However, the location is not worth the price of food and the services offered are just satisfactory. 

8-Islamabad Cafe - Cafe 1969

7.  Street One Cafe

Street One Cafe is located in Kohsar Market, F-6/3, Islamabad.  The cafe serves lunch, Hi-Tea and dinner with the food including both continental and Italian. The place is perfect for a table talk and informal business meetings. However, visitors are not satisfied with services offered and they suggest more improvement to be done.

7-Islamabad Cafe-Street one

6. Turkish Grill

This cafe is located in F-8/3, Islamabad. It offers a unique ambiance in the city. The food quality, however, offered doesn’t match the quality of real Turkish food. Thus high prices are not justified at all. People who visited the place suggests betterment in food quality and revision of prices.

6-Islamabad Cafe - Turkish Grill

5. Jungle Spot

Jungle Spot is located right at the base of Margalla Hills. This place is perfect for hangout and chit chat offering natural environment and beautiful weather. According to the visitors, their tea and sheesha is much appreciated but the food quality, service and ambiance can be further improved for the customers.

5-Islamabad Cafe-Jungle Spot

4. Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet is located in F-11, Islamabad. This place is perfect for business meetings. The cafe offers different tastes of coffee and desserts which are much appreciated by the customers including cold coffee, caramel latte and expresso shots. People who visited the place suggests betterment in service and revision of prices.

4-Islamabad Cafe - Coffee Planet

3. Chaye Khana

Chaye Khana is located in F-6, Islamabad which is a perfect hangout place for boys. The most unique thing about this cafe is the food offered. However, the ambiance is no different than any other restaurant in the area.

3-Islamabad Cafe-Chaye Khana

2. Atrio Cafe & Grill

This cafe is located in Jinnah Super, F-7, Islamabad. They offer some really delicious food, though a few of their items are not much liked by customers. The roof top ambience is stunning with view of Margalla Hills and beautiful interiors. The food quality and services are justified with the food price.

2-Islamabad Cafe-Atrio Cafe & Grill

1. Cafe Roof Top

Cafe Roof Top is located in F-6 Markaz, Islamabad. The food quality and services offered justifies the price tags of individual items. The space provide stunning views of Margalla Hills and mix tea is more than tasty ever. However, the cafe is small and often becomes crowded. 

1-Islamabad Cafe- Cafe roof top

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