10 Reasons To Buy A Chromebook

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Google began offering chromebooks back in mid 2011 and they’ve caught up to the competition fast, in two years when Windows and Apple computer sales have steadily declined, Chromebooks have steadily made their small but solid place in the market (which stands at 3.3% as of summer 2013). Here’s 10 reasons why that happened and why you should consider being a part of this paradigm shift.

10. Portability

Chromebooks are known for their mobility, they’re lightweight and smooth, never a pain to carry around.

homepage-promo9. Google Support

Google has one of the best tech support systems in the world, they’re always at your disposal and can fix any problem you encounter because they’re all familiar with the Chromebook software.

HP Chromebook 14

HP Chromebook 14

8. Built-in Security

The Chromebooks feature an in-built virus protection programme that updates daily without having to lift a finger. And remember, Google’s handling your data, it couldn’t be more secure from corruption.

7. Apps

All the apps being used on the Chromebook can be purchased free from the Chrome App store, they’re fast, they’re easy to operate and they’re clean. With all this you’ll never mourn about clunky third party apps slowing down your PC.

Chrome OS

6. Free Automatic Updates

The software in the Chromebook automatically updates itself just like Google Chrome does.

5. Speed

Google’s chromebooks have the advantage of speed over all other laptops. Almost all of their models boot up in less than 10 seconds at maximum.

HP Chrome book 11

HP Chrome book 11

4. Price

The most expensive model, the Chromebook Pixel comes for around $1249 with 1 TB of free storage for three years, and 2K resolution screen with capacitive touch. That’s as much storage and resolution as a 21.5 inch iMac at $50 less.

3. Storage

Every model of the Chromebook offers a minimum of 100 GB of free storage for 3 years, plus all your work is automatically synched to the cloud so it can’t be lost if your Chromebook suddenly gets run over by a truck, or if you get drunk and just drive over it yourself.

Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel

2. Battery Life

The battery life on the Chromebooks is phenomenal, it ranges from 6.5-9.5 hours. That’s more than what you can ask for at literally the price of a smartphone ($179-$399)

1. The Cloud

Chromebooks work solely by linking you to the cloud. Google’s offering means that whatever you do on your computer stays safe on the cloud and can be recovered by entering your username and password. Here Google’s “One Account. All of Google” formula comes full circle. As more and more people sign up to use services like Skydrive and iCloud, Google was the first to offer a device that depends solely on the cloud for everything.

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