10 Restaurants With Breathtaking Views In The World

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Restaurants are generally known after the food quality and the ambiance, they offer. But there are few restaurants on our planet that also offer unique views of the surrounding areas. We are featuring today 10 of such restaurants in the world that attract public with breathtaking views of the surroundings. Starting-off from number 10.

10. El Tovar, Arizona

This restaurant overlooks the two-billion years old geological history of Grand Canyon, Arizona. The menu includes south western and Scottish flavors.


9. Saidpur Village, Pakistan

This restaurant provides the deep cultural values of Pakistan. It is built right into a village named Saidpur; you can enjoy traditional food and the life of common people. Do not forget to see the mud train in a small shop in the center of the village.


8. Boucan, West Indies

If you ever dreamt of going to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, this place might just be for you. It is famous for its cocoa production and is a heaven for chocolate lovers. Every last thing on its menu is composed of chocolate.


7. Rosellinis, Italy

This restaurant  over looks cliffs, cloves and fishing boats on a Mediterranean sea. It provides southern Italian menu on the plate.


6. Baan Rim Pa, Thailand

This open air two-story teak house overlooks a cliff of Andaman Sea. The beautiful sunset and waves crushing the rocks adds to the scenery. This restaurant serves the menu of Thailand’s Grand Palace.


5. Le Jules Verne, France

You might have seen Eiffel Tower in Paris, but have you seen Paris from the Eiffel Tower? This restaurant is hosted at 410 feet above the ground on the Eiffel Tower. You can enjoy the view of  the city of light while having delicious traditional French menu.  If you want to visit this place, do not forget to reserve three months in advance.


4. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

This restaurant seems to come right out of a fairy tale. It is located on the edge of the largest unbroken volcanic mountains in the world. The wild life in this natural habitat enhances its beauty. It serves Pan-African dishes.


3. Eagle’s Eye Resturant, Canada

This restaurant is known as Canada’s most elevated spot. It is located at 7,700 feet above sea level with snow-capped peaks and rocky mountains along the horizon. It brings French menu to the table including beef, salmons, whipped potatoes and fresh vegetables.


2. Ithaa, Maldives

This restaurant will definitely catch your eye. It is located 16 feet below the surface of Indian Ocean. You can have 180 degrees of panoramic view of sea through tunnel shaped glass walls. This restaurant offers European Cuisines. It can be booked for weddings and other special occasions as well.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

1. Monal, Pakistan

This restaurant overlooks the entire capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad from beautiful Margalla Hills surrounding the city. After a long hike all the way from Daman-e-Koh at the bottom to Monal at the top, the views are known for refreshing your mind and soul. The restaurant’s menu includes both traditional and foreign dishes especially Italian.


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48 Comments to 10 Restaurants With Breathtaking Views In The World

  1. There is more room in the list. Eagle’s Nest Hotel in Hunza valley is a resturaunt plus hotel. The view takes the mighty rakaposhi and the great river indus in it. The view is not only great and makes you fall in love with the view. And even more you can see the beautiful Lady Finger peak from the point

    • usama ali

      even though i have never been to hunza , im already in love with it . i would love to see hunza and the place you mentioned . even the talk about hunza or any northern area of pakistan makes my heart beat faster

    • yeah true !! the writer hasnt been to Eagles Nest in Duikar, Hunza, Pakistan…..howcome a place like that can b missed???

    • When I read this post Eagle’s nest came to mind. Its dining area has the most breathtaking view of the hunza valley and rakaposhi.

  2. Aleem Ahmed

    I have personally visited Paris, UK, Sweden and many other countries. Regardless of the fact that it was written by Asian author, Monal in no doubt is a heaven on earth.

  3. Monal is fine but there is no good view from Saidpur…IMO every other restaurant in the northern Pakistan would have a better view than Saidpur village…

  4. Shakeel Khan

    I would remove Saidpur and add the mighty rakaposhi peak, somewhere in top 10 as mentioned by mohsan as well in the comments earlier.

    When u go there u have a view of the snow covered and snow capped peaks as well which is speculative …

  5. Shahida Ali

    Yesterday we went to Des Pardes Saidpur village.The food was amazing.Service was amazing.The surrounding was sooo beautiful that I did not want to leave the place.AllahSWT keep our country safe from bad eye.Aameen Ya Rabbi.

  6. I am also an Islooite and love the Margalla Hills, I also would like readers to read food and wine Magazines listing of Top 25 restaurants, link below. That listing is compiled on some basic metrics similar as yours; as quality of food, cleanliness, friendliness of staff, ambiance and ofcourse the view. On my personal experience, the views are good at Monal also, but what one can have on Table mountain in South Africa or from the Palm Hotel in Dubai is amazing.


  7. Talath F. Naqvi

    Ban Rim Pa reminds me of a restaurant in Ushu, Swat Pakistan. The spectacular view of mountains and a steep, deep gorge over which the restaurant hangs.

  8. Thank you everyone for appreciating. Sometimes it is difficult to narrow down to a list of 10 when dozen others could get a spot too. I would definitely keep in my mind the suggestions if i write any such article in future.
    And thank you to all other comments on social media who gave me good writing tips amidst the harsh words. No worries there. :)

  9. khalid Awan

    That is really a nice place, but I think there are more beautiful places in Northern areas and in KPK.

  10. Mehwish Khan

    I’ve seen beauty of the world in many different counties such as US, Canada, France & Tutkey and much more, however I am yet to see Pakistan all around. That’s one place on my list including Egypt, Italy & Antarctica.

  11. Pakistan4Ever

    Enjoy a great view eating at pakistans restraunts because after all, a hard day of killing its civilians, one’s ready to eat a horse!

  12. ahmed sameer

    not to forget Andaaz Restaurant Lahore….it has 2 UNESCO Hertiage sites and 5 overall terrific monuments in 1 place…Minar e pakistan, Shahi Qila, Badshahi Masjid,Allama Iqbal’s Tomb and Ranjeet Singh’s Tomb…and this restaurant is in the middle of the most gorgeous food street…Fort road foood street…several songs have been shot at this location…those of you who havent visited it must give it a shot!

  13. salva malik

    Very well written!
    I love this website.
    It has the most epic articles.
    Looking forward to more interesting and amazaing top 10 lists :’)

  14. Moiz Khan

    That is so true. Monal has one of the best views I’ve ever seen. I even created a documentary on it. I’m sharing the link if anyone is interested to have a look at it.

  15. Sara Lotia

    You are all amazing in your delusion. There is no way that this list is credible. First, why are there two restaurants from any country? And second, what are the chances that the country would be Pakistan and not say — Greece or Sweden? Enjoy living in your bubbles.

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