10 Secrets About Facebook That Nobody Knows

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Facebook has always been a target of conspiracies circling around user privacy. Most of these have never been validated for being true accusations. So we have collected a few valid Facebook secrets which either no one knows or have not been widely publicized. If you know any Facebook secret worth sharing, go ahead write it down in the comment section below.

1. There Are Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook Navigation 

You can move up or down the facebook posts with letters ‘J’ and ‘K’; like the post with letter ‘l’ and comment on the post with letter ‘c’.

1-keyboard shortcuts for facebook navigation

2. The Map On Notification Icon Changes Based On Your Location

2-facebook notification icon

3. You Can Change Language Settings To “English (Upside – Down)”. There Is A Pirate Version Of English Language Also Available

3-upside down facebook

4. Facebook Owns Many Anti-Facebook Domains

Some of these anti-facebook domains include “I hate the Facebook like button”,”Like button sucks” and “I hate Facebook credits.”

4-anti facebook domain names

5. You Can Save Posts, Pages, Apps For Later Viewing

5-facebook save posts option

6. Facebook Employees Use Facebook Groups For Project Discussions

6-facebook employees use facebook group

7. No-One At Facebook Has A Separate Office

7-facebook employees do not have offices

8. When You Are Logged In Facebook Tracks Your Every Move Over The Internet

8-facebook tracks your moves

9. Check ‘Other’ Section Of Your Facebook Messages. You May Get A Surprise!

9-facebook hidden inbox

10. You Can Share Your Posts With Specific Friend Lists 

10-facebook list option

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