10 Things You Don’t Know Your Macbook Can Do

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You think you know everything about Mac? Trust us, when we say that Mac has still got some cool tricks up its sleeves that you don’t know about. Like did you know that Apple’s spotlight search can calculate too? Well, if you were as astonished as we were, then read through these 10 most important hidden features of Mac to be even more surprise.

1. Capture A Trimmed Screenshot 

You should stop getting frustrated with having to take the screenshot of the whole screen. An easy way around this is to use Command + Shift + 4 which turns the cursor into a cross hair,then select the required screen region and press space bar to capture the screenshot.

take a trimmed screenshot from your mac

2.  Use Quick Tab Management 

You can get rid of too many running applications using quick tab managment bar.  You can cycle through the applications by holding command and pressing tab key.  Press “Q” to quit any of the applications, or “H” to minimize.

quick tab management on mac

3. Type An Apple Icon In A Flash 

You can create an Apple icon by holding down Option + Shift + K on any Apple computer.

type an apple icon in a flash

4. Experience Expose In Slow Motion 

If you have Mac OSX version 10.6 and earlier, then the easy app selection tool, Expose, can be manipulated to work in slow motion. You need to hold “Shift” while pressing your Expose key (usually F9, F10, or F11). The trick is useful for a less abrupt window-switching method.

experience expose in slow motion on mac

5. Hide Your Dock In A Flash 

If you are irritated with your dock, hide it using Command + Option + D.

hide your dock in your mac

6. Invert The Colors Of Your Mac Screen 

This feature is for users running Mac OSX Lion or earlier. You can easily invert and revert the colors using Command + Option + Control + 8. The feature was designed to help the visually impaired. 

invert color of your mac screen

7. Easily Group Files Into One Folder 

You just need to highlight or click on the files that you want to group then right click and select “New Folder With Selection.”

easily group files into one folder on mac

8. Never Skip Through The Drop Down Menu While Filling Out Order Forms

In order to do this simply go to System Preferences => Keyboard, and then set “Full Keyboard Access” to “All Controls.”

never tab past an online form on mac

9. Hidden Icon In Plain Sight 

The icon circled in the image below appear when you save a document on your Mac. You can treat this like normal file icon and drag it wherever you like which moves the file too.

hidden icon in plain side on your mac

10. Use Spotlight Search As A Calculator 

If you press Command + Spacebar, Apple’s Spotlight search comes up and allow you to easily search for documents or music. However, it can do basic math too, so if you need some multiplication or division done, just type it in the search bar!

use spotlight search as a calculator on mac

Source: businessinsider.com

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