11 Facebook Hacks Everybody Should Know

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Facebook has always been targeted with accusations of invading user’s privacy and accessing more content then they usually agree to access. As in a recent news, all the big tech giants are in talk with government organizations in order to protect their user’s privacy. We don’t know what probably will be the outcome of the tech giants vs government clash but we can tell you 11 simple hacks that you can use to either make your life easier or protect your private data as best you can.

1. Make Profile Pic Emoji That You Can Use In Chat

Type your user name in between the double squared brackets to turn your profile pic into emoji like this: [[zuck]].

Update: This hack is not working anymore (12/8/2014)

Facebook hacks turn your profile pic into an emoji

2. Unauthorize Apps That Have Access To Your Profile Information

If you have used facebook to log in to different apps and websites, you can unauthroize them by going to Settings> Apps > App Settings.

Facebook hacks - unauthorize access to apps

3. Politely Ask A Page Owner To Take Down Your Photograph

Facebook now has the feature to ask any page owner or your friend to remove your picture from the page if they have uploaded it.

Facebook Hack - ask a page to take down your picture

Facebook - I am in this picture and i dont like it

Facebook - the picture is embarrassing

Facebook hacks - send the message to the page

4. Be Available On Chat For Only Specific Facebook Friends

Right click the little gear icon on the chat window at the bottom right corner and bring up the advanced chat settings. Using these settings you can limit your online status to a few friends or none.

Facebook-manage online status

5.  Here is What You Need To Do If You Want To Share Post With All Friends Except One

You can share your status with either everyone or a few friends or hide it completely from one person in your friend list.

Fabook Friends - limit your post audience

6. Use ‘View As’ Feature To See How Your Friends See Your Profile

Click the three vertical dots on ‘View Activity Log’ on your cover photo and go to ‘View As’. You can now view how your facebook looks to public or a specific person.

Facebook hacks - see what your profile looks like to a friend

7. Get An Extra Layer Of Protection For Your Account By Using Security Codes For Accessing

Go to the drop down menu on the upper right corner of your profile, from there go to account settings, then security and edit the login approvals to get your access code for using facebook from unknown browsers.

Facebook Approvals - add a security code to access your account

8. Review Tagged Posts Before Adding To Your Timeline

Go to Account Settings > Timeline and Tagging > Who can add things to my timeline? > Click On Review Posts.

Facebook hacks - review tagged posts before they appear on your wall

9. Facebook Page Owners! Schedule Your Posts According To Your Fans Activity On Facebook .

If you are a facebook page owner, go to page insights to see your fans activity and schedule your posts from the status dialogue box. In this way you do not have to be present at the specific time to post status update.

Facebook hacks -schedule posts right from your facebook page

10. Remove Your Facebook Profile From Search Engines

Go to Account Settings > Privacy > Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline? > Who can look me up? > Disable “Let other search engines link to your timeline.”

Facebok hacks - block your profile from search engines

11. Here Is How You Can Get Your Account Back If It Has Been Hacked

If your account is hacked, go to this facebook link and follow the instructions to get your account back.

Facebook hack - get your hacked account back

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