11 Reasons Why You Should Buy Big Screen Smartphone

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Apple and Samsung have been fighting the blame game for a couple of years now. However, this time Samsung was the one blaming Apple for copying its large screen design from the Note series.  Well, as they are taking turns on accusing each other, the point to be noticed is that even Apple felt the increasing trend of large screen smartphones. They even conducted a survey and the results favored the big screen smartphones. The modern day applications require high quality content accessible from anywhere anytime. Therefore, smartphones had to have increased computing power, pixel density and large screen size to emulate the capabilities of a PC on the move.

Today we have collected 11 reasons to convince you to buy a big screen smartphone. Do you agree with us or not? Comment below.

1.  Big Screen Smartphones Are Easier On The Eyes

You do not have to scroll down or zoom in or out of any webpage or photographs to clearly view the content. Large screen smartphones comes with high pixel densities and you can easily navigate through the menus without squinting your eyes.

1-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - Easier On Eyes

2. Play HD Games With More Comfort

2-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - Play HD Games

3. View Images To Finer Details

3-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - Finer Detail Images

4. Social Networking Sites Appears Same As On Web

4-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - Social Media

5. Type Easily With Large Keypad

5-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - Type With Ease

6. Read E-Books, Magazine Or Web Pages With More Ease And Clarity

6-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - Read Ebooks

7. Large Screens Increase Productivity

You can create or edit excel sheets, powerpoints and word documents. You can also take notes during meetings or class lectures on your mobile phone. In addition, some large screen smartphones have the multitasking capability.

7-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - Increased Productivity

8. If You Have A Stylus, You Can Draw Perfect Digital Artwork Or Note Down Lectures In Class

8-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - Create Artwork

9. Watch HD Movies Or Videos Without Squinting Your Eyes

9-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - HD Movies

10. Big Screen Can Cover Large Area When Taking Pictures

10-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - Screen Can Cover Large Area

11. People With Big Hands Can Navigate Easily Without Accidently Pressing The Wrong Icon

11-Reasons To Buy Big Screen Smartphones - Large Screen Smart Phones For Bigger Hands People

Source: Gadgetstouse, Infinitechusa

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