12 Creative Ways You Can Use CDs Instead Of Throwing Them Away

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Since the availability of digital downloads and streaming services, CDs have become an obsolete medium which is why they are not widely used. If you have a bunch of CDs from a few years back taking up space then you can use the following ways to reuse old CDs and DVDs.

1. Make A Colorful Birdbath

Find step by step instructions over here.

A birdbath for your garden

2. Know Electronics? Make A Wall ClockA CD Wall Clock

3. Coasters – A Mat For Glass or Drink

a mat for wine glass

4. Make An Old Mirror New Again With Stylish CD Shards

A Mirror Made From CDs

5. Use Old CDs To Make Personalized Pendants

Cut out a desired shape and wrapped the shape with stained glass foiling tape. Make a hole with a heated needle for the chain.

A Pendant Made Out Of CDs

6. Make A Picture Frame

Just cut up different shapes from old CDs and make a picture frame.

A Picture Frame

7. Build A Christmas Tree Out Of CDs 

Christmas Tree From Old CDs

8. Decorate Coffee Table With Pieces From Old CDs

Decorate Coffee Table

9. You Can Decorate A Door In A Similar Way

Decorative door

10. Make Fancy Pots 

Here are step by step instructions for the pot.

Fancy Pots From CDs

11. A Christmas Tree Ornaments

Make Ornaments  From Old CDs

12. A Decorative Mosaic Piece

Wall Art From CDs

Source: Brit, Viral Nova

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