12 Food Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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How many times have you spent hours trying to figure out the most delicious and easy way to cook? You cannot get taste the easy way either. However, we are going to share 12 food hacks that will help you make more delicious food and save your time as well. Innovation was never this delicious before.

1. Make An Edible Bowl With A Balloon And Melted Chocolate

1-food hack make an edible bowl

2. Create Lemon Flowers Using A Peeler

2-food hacks use a peeler to make lemon flower

3. Blow Into A Bag And Seal It Tightly. The CO2 Will Keep Green Food Fresh and Avoid Sogginess

3-Food hacks how to keep green fresh

4. Use Heavy Duty Paper Clip To Stack Bottles In Fridge

4-food hacks use heavy duty paper clip to stack the bottles

5. Make An Easy Ice Cream Sandwich With A Hot Knife

5-food hacks make icecream sandwiches

6. Use Cupcake Liner To Cover Your Drink

6-food hacks cover your drink from flies

7. Create Pancake Art

7- food hacks make pancake art 1

7- food hacks make pancake art 2

7-food hacks make pancake art 3

8. Use Turned Cupcake Liner To Avoid Sticky Popsicle Hands

8-Food hacks no more sticky hands

9. Follow These Steps To Make Water Melon Grill

9-food hacks make a water melon grill

10. Wrap The Bottle With Paper Towel To Quickly Cool It

10-food hacks use a wet paper towel to cool a drink in a hurry

11. Try This New Way To Peel Oranges

11-food hacks ways to peel an orange

12. Place Two Bowls In Microwave At The Same Time

12-food hacks microwave two bowls together

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