12 Hacks About Mathematics They Don’t Teach At School

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Mathematics is the subject which is often used in daily financial matters. Most of you may even faced difficulty calculating the bills unless you had a calculator at hand. Perhaps, it would have been faster to be able to do it all in your head. Mental Mathematics is not difficult, it is just a collection of tricks that can be learned by almost anyone if they have enough practice with them.

Check out these 12 hacks that you can learn quickly:

1. How To Figure Out Multiples Of Nine

Figure Out Multiples Of Nine

2. How To Multiply By 11 On Tips

How To Multiply By 11

3. How To Remember Greater Than and Less Than Sign

Remember Greater Than and  Less Than Sign

4. How To Calculate Percentages

Figure Out Percentages

5. How To Learn Values Of Trignometric Angles

How To Learn Values Trignometric Functions

6. This Is How To Remember The Value Of Pi

Remembering The Numbers In Pi

7. Fun Way To Learn Most Common Mathematical Graphs 

Fun Way Of Learning Graphs

8. How To Multiply Large Numbers In Your Head

Multiply Large Numbers In Your Head

9. How To Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

10. How To Add And Subtract Fractions

Add And Subtract Fractions

11. How To Find Fractions Of Whole Numbers

Find Fractions Of Whole Numbers

12. This Trick Works With Any Number 

Quickly Divide The Fractions

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