12 Hidden Features Of Android Lollipop 5.0

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Google has launched its android version 5.0 – Lollipop. This time Google took a different approach, instead of organizing the launch event, company posted details as blog post on android sites. Altogether, the new android version offers some really cool features but we have collected 12 of the best and clever features that might help you decide switching to the latest version.

1. Guest Mode

You can make multiple user accounts on Android but now a new option called “Guest Mode” is available. This mode creates a clean, safe and disposable work-space which anyone can use. It is available for both phones and tablets. 

android lollipop guest mode

2. Pin Applications 

Lollipop has a new feature where there is an option to pin an app in the multitasking view. When you pin an app, you cannot leave without the pass-code. This means you can launch a game and hand over your phone to your kid without worrying that they will meddle with important stuff. 

android lollipop pin apps

3. Face Unlock

Google has tweaked face unlock feature in Lollipop so that it works fast and smooth. This feature did not work well in previous versions. Face unlock features runs silently as you power on and by the time you see your locked screen notifications, it has already unlocked the phone.

android lollipop face unlock

4. Tap And Go

“Tap and Go” is the new feature which helps you connect to you old android phone via NFC. Your old android phone will send all the details that you want to be installed on your new phone via bluetooth.

android lollipop tap and go

5. Lock Screen Notifications

Android Lollipop will put notifications right on your lock screen where you can archive an email, tap reply, expand notifications and so on. You can also set important or sensitive apps to not to display notifications on lock screen.

android lollipop lockscreen notification

6. Ambient Display

This feature displays bits of information at a time instead of turning on the whole screen. For now, it is nexus 6 specific feature only. 

nexus 6 ambient display

7. Priority Mode 

“Priority Mode” lets you choose apps which can still disturb you (while the rest won’t bother) for a set duration. It will go back to normal mode after the set duration so that you won’t have to remember to switch it off.

android lollipop priority mode

8. Double Tap To Wake 

You can just double tap the lock screen to wake Nexus 9 tablet.

android lollipop double tap to wake

9. Overview

“Overview” is the multitasking view where each app is a big card, stacked up and you can scroll through the apps. The best feature is that any app can create multiple cards e.g. you can compose a new email and still check your inbox in another card. 

android lollipop overview

10. Quick Settings

The Quick Settings have been improved and made smarter such as volume and brightness sliders. 

androide lollipop quick settings

11. “Ok Google”

You can wake up your phone simply by saying “Ok Google” even if it is in standby mode. You can then use voice to search, send texts and more. So far, it is supported on Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. 

android lollipop ok google

12. Material Design 

There are a range of new designs available such as Red lipstick, red overlay, orange sweater, orange overlay etc

android lollipop material design

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