12 Scientific Facts About Earth You Don’t Learn In School

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Everyone knows the basic facts about Earth if they have attended Science classes attentively. However, no matter how attentive you were during those classes, we are sure no teacher ever told you these 12 scientific facts about Planet Earth.

1. About 95% Ocean Is Still Unexplored. Sunlight Can Not Penetrate Past App. 275 Meters

95% of earth is still a mystery

2. The Mariana Trench In The Pacific Ocean Is The Deepest Part Of Planet Earth. The Trench Is 10,916 Meters Deep

Deepest Point On Planet Earth 1

Deepest Point On Planet Earth 2

3. The Earth’s Continents Will Shift Enough In Two Hundred Million Years That They Will Shape Into What Scientists Are Calling “Pangea Ultima”

Earth Continent Shifting

4. The Earth’s Core Is Super Hot Like 6,100 Degrees Celsius Hot

Earth Core Is Super Hot

5. The Age Of Earth Is Around 4.54 Billion Years

Earth Is Very Old

6. You Are Spinning Through Space At About 1,000 mph At Some Point On Earth. The Earth Itself Is Moving Around The Sun At 67,000 mph

earth spinning around space

7. Earth’s Poles Switch Every 300,000 Years Or So. The Last Polar Shift Occurred 780,000 Years Ago

Earth Switches Its Poles

8. The Hottest Spot On Plant Earth Is El Azizia, Libya. According To Temperature Records From Weather Stations, It Once Hit 136 Degrees Fahrenheit On Sep, 13 1922

hottest spot on earth

9. Earth Surface Receives 100 Tons Of Interplanetary Material (Dust) Every Single Day

Inter-Planetary Material Reaches Earth Everyday

10. Earth’s Oceans Contain 20 Millions Tons Of Gold But It Is Extremely Dilute


11. The Mid-Ocean Range Is The Largest Geological Feature And Under Water Range Of Volcanoes. It Winds Around The Globe Like A BaseBall Seam

volcanic mountain range spread across earth

12.  Once Earth Had Two Moons Which Collided With Each Other Resulting In One Side Of Moon Different From The Other. It’s Just A Theory

Earth Once Had Two Moons

Source: Live Science, Listverse, Viral Nova

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