12 Things You Should Never Place In Your Microwave

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Microwave is a necessity which can cook and heat food quickly in times of need. However, it can be harmful if not proper care is taken in items that are placed inside the microwave. There are certain things that are microwave safe but others can ignite a raging fire almost instantly. We have collected 12 such items which you should never place in your microwave.

1. Fine China

Most fine china has metal inside and the paint on china cannot with stand high temperatures which results in cracking  and distorting china utensils.

1-do not put fine china in microwave

2. Metal Utensils

Even a small amount of metal can send supercharged plasma shooting through the appliance. It is strongly advisable not to place metal utensils in microwaves.

2-do not put metal items in microwave

3. Styrofoam Containers

If styrofoam containers are put in a microwave, the plastic from it will melt into your food. This can be extremely dangerous for your health.

3-do not put styrofoam containers in the microwave

4. Lunch Bags

Lunch bags can release toxic and erupt into flames when placed in microwave.

4-do not put lunch bags in microwave

5. Marshmallow Peeps

Marshmallow peeps can easily catch fire if you put them for more than five minutes inside the microwave. It can also expand to about 200% in size.

5-Do not put marshmallow peeps in microwave

6. Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foil has metallic properties and can be hazardous for the microwave since it will erupt into flames easily.

6-do not put aluminium foil in microwave

7. Sponge

It is said that sponge can be disinfected if put in microwave. This is not true at all. The sponge will catch fire and leave a nasty burn in the microwave.

7-do not put sponge in microwave

8. Bread

If you put bread inside a microwave for more than 10 seconds, the bread will become hard and stale.

8-do not put bread in microwave

9. Hot Pepper

Never put hot pepper, especially the dry kind inside the microwave. The active ingredient inside the pepper vaporizes when exposed to microwave. It will be extremely unpleasant to get an handful of chillies to your face.

9-Do not put hot pepper in microwave

10. Eggs

If you try to boil egg in microwave, it explodes. The reason is that protein inside the hard shell expands when heated at high temperatures which ultimately leads to explosion.

10-do not put eggs in microwave

11. Red Sauce

If you put red sauce (tomato sauce) inside the microwave without any lid, it will splatter across the microwave.

11-do not put red sauce in microwave

12. Water In A Mug

If you try to boil water in the microwave, it will become super-heated and might explode on extra time right in your hands when you try to use a tea bag.

12-do not boil water in a mug in microwave

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