12 Tips That Every Gmail User Should Know

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Having been launched in April 2004, Gmail has risen the success ladder and become the most favorite among email clients. Even though it has a large number of users, few of them have been able to use it to its full ability. Keeping this fact in view, we have compiled a list of shortcuts which are easy to remember and will help you uncover hidden features of Gmail. Here is the the list:

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Knowing them is always handy and saves you a lot of time. Some of them have been listed in the picture below:


For a minimalist view, Check out this link.

2.  Use Dates to Search Emails

Search for emails after or before a specific date can be done by writing ‘before:yyyy/mm/dd’ or ‘after:yyyy/mm/dd’ in the drop-down search box.


3. Work on Emails Offline 

Using the Gmail Offline add-on,  cached emails can be read and drafts can be edited offline.


4. Organize Your Emails

Simply drag an email to the desired tab (primary, social, etc.) to transfer it. In this way, your emails will be sorted category wise.


5. Sort By Stars

Another way to sort out emails is by assigning them different stars from the settings pane( In the General tab). You can add different kinds of icons and colors of your choice. 


6. Add People To Your Circle

Open the Circles list on the left of Gmail inbox and group together contacts to sort your emails by groups.


7. Pull Back Sent Mail

Go to Settings > Lab Tab > Undo Send Tool  to cancel the email you sent accidentally. This feature will work within 5-30 Secs of your blunder.


8. Import Mail

 Import emails from you other accounts by Accounts and Import tab in Settings.


9. Use Different Versions of the Same Email Address

As dots don`t matter in gmail accounts, different variations can be used of the same gmail account while signing up for various newsletters and user accounts.


10. Mute Unwanted Conversations

This can be done by ‘More’ and then click on ‘Mute’ from the drop down menu. You will receive the messages but they wont appear in your Inbox.


11. Converting Email into Task

By simply clicking on ‘More’ and selecting ‘Add to Tasks’, a new entry in the Tasks window will show up containing a link to redirect you to the email.


12. Finding Large Attachments

By typing ‘larger_than:’ in the search box you can find the desired size of attachments easily.


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