12 Ways For Clutter Free House

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All it needs is a little commitment to make your home similar to what you see in magazines; sophisticated and clutter free. You just need to apply basic rules, listed below. If you have something to add to the list below, share with us in the comment section.

1. Don’t Buy Magazines Or Newspapers. Read them Online

Dont buy magazines and newspapers

2. Clean Out Fridge Or Pantry On Shopping Day To Reduce The Chance Of Over Shopping

Fridge and Pantry Cleaning

3. Let It Go: Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Need Anymore

Get rid of things you don't need

4. Manage Your Drawer Clutter In Small Boxes

How to manage drawers

5. Buy Less. Live Simple

Life Experiences Matter More

6. Keep Your Study Room And Desk Organized 

Live Within Your Means

7. Make A Habit Of Putting Things At Their Right Place 

Make a habit to put things away

8. Use Paper Shredder And Scan Important Documents To Get Rid Of Unnecessary Paper Clutter 

Paper Free Desk

9. Use Smart Ways To Stash Stuff Such As Plastic Shoeboxes Or Filing Cabinets 

Smartest Way To Stash Stuff

10. Don’t Let The Clutter Inside Your Home. Make Smart Entry Storage Region

Stop Clutter Entering home

11. Store Things Where You Use Them Instead Of Throwing It All Over The House

Store things where you use them

12. Place A Donation Box At Your Home And Keep Adding Things Which You Do Not Need But Are Yet Usable

To donate box at home

Source: apartmenttherapy.comslowyourhome.com

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