13 Best Tips To Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

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You should stop blaming your laptop battery for dying on you every few hours. The battery problems are not always solved with a new battery especially if you are going to mistreat it in the same way. The way to improve battery performance is by following a few simple tips. This will extend your battery life time without spending money.

1.  You Should Dim The Laptop Screen Brightness

1-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Dim Laptop Screen Brightness

2. Turn – Off Volume And Wi-Fi When Not In Use

2-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Switch Off Wi-Fi When Not In Use

3. Clean Laptop Battery Contacts 

3-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Clean Battery Laptop Contacts

4. Clean Out Laptop Vents To Avoid Over Heating Which In Turn Drains Battery

4-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Clean Out Laptop Vents

5. Keep Your Laptop Cool By Placing An Ice Bag Underneath Or Simply Putting In A Cool Place

5-Extend Laptop Battery Life - keep your laptop cool

6. Un-Plug External Devices Such As USBs And Mobile Phones

6-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Remove External Devices

7. Explore Power Options And Choose An Optimize Power Plan

7-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Optimize Power Options

8. Insert More RAM In Your Laptop 

8-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Insert More Ram

9. Cut Down On Fancy HD Graphics Drivers 

9-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Lessen The Use Of Graphics

10. Cut Down On Backgound Running Applications 

10-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Cut On Background Apps

11. Its Better To Use Hibernate Mode Instead Of Sleep Mode

11-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Hibernate Instead Of Standby

12. Fasten Your Hard Drive By Defragmentation On Regular Basis

12-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Defragmentation Of Hard Drive

13. Excercise Your Battery By Fully Recharging And Discharging Atleast Once In Two Weeks

13-Extend Laptop Battery Life - Excercise The Battery

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