13 Body Hacks That Everybody Should Know

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If you have got any issues with your body; such as, getting brain freeze or limbs falling asleep then try out these 13 body hacks to help you get the issues fixed.

1. Clearing A Stuffy Nose 

If you want to clear a stuffy nose, push your tongue against the mouth roof and press a finger between your eyebrows. This causes vomer bone to loose your congestion.

Body Hacks Stuffy Nose

2. If You Want To Sleep After A Big Meal, Lay On Left Side

If you lie on right side, the stomach becomes higher than the oesophagus which causes food and stomach acid to go up to your throat.

Sleeping After A Big Meal

3. If You Have A Tooth Ache, Rub Ice On the Webbed Area Between Thumb And Index Fingers To Reduce Pain 


4. Scratch Your Ear For Itchy Throat

Scratching your ear can stimulate the nerves in the ear and create a reflex in the throat which causes a muscle contraction and kills the itchy feeling.

Itchy Throat

5. Use Right Ear To Listen To Phone

Apparently, your right ear picks up words better and left ear picks up sounds/music better.

Use Right Ear For Hearing Phone

6. Preventing Brain Freeze

Brain freeze happens when the nerves in your mouth’s roof get cold. If you want to prevent brain freeze, put your tongue flat against your mouth’s roof.

Preventing Brain Freeze

7. Move Your Neck And Head When Your Hand Falls Asleep

Your hand can fall asleep due to compressing nerves in your neck so moving it side to side can relieve that.

Hands Falling Asleep

8. Dealing With Nervousness

If you feel nervous, blow cool wind to your thumb. This can slow down pulse and calm you down eventually.

9. Afraid Of Injection Pain

When the doctor is going to give you an injection, cough as the needle is going in and you will suffer less pain. According to the British Medical ­Journal, the act of coughing causes a sudden, temporary rise in pressure in the chest, hindering the pain-conducting work of the spinal cord and leading to pain-free injections.

Relief From Injection Pain

10. Control Your Dreams

You can control your dream or continue a dream where you left off. The idea is to rethink your previous dream before sleeping and chances are you will see the same dream again. If you want to control your dream, think of a symbol or any short time event. Once you fall asleep, your subconscious will conjure your symbol, and once your symbol appears, that will give you the mark that you can now do whatever you want. 

Control Your Dream

11. Reset Body Clock

If you want to change your sleep cycle, then fast for about 16 or 12 hours before your intended wakeup time. 

Resetting Body Clock

12. Spicy Food! Don’t Drink Water Or Eat Sugar

If you have eaten something spicy, drink milk or have yogurt instead of water or sugar.

Spicy Food Consumption

13. If Your Eyes Get Tired While Reading Or Watching A Computer Screen For Long Hours 

Repeat this excercise. Focus on something close to you, then close your eyes and look at something far away. This can relaxe tired eyes.

Eyes Hurting Badly

h/t: Life Hack, Quora

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