14 Crazy Hotels In The World

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When you plan for a vacation, hotel reservation is one of the important tasks to be completed before boarding the plane, unless you are visiting your family or friends. Today, we are going to help you find the most unique, crazy and beautiful hotel that will make your vacations far more exciting. Check out the list below and tell us which one is your dream vacation hotel?

1. The Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel – Sweden

1-Crazy Hotels - The Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel - Sweden

2. Kakslauttanen Igloo Village – Finland

2-Crazy Hotels - Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, Finland

3. Jumbo Hotel – Switzerland

3-Crazy Hotels - Jumbo Hotel -Switzerland

4. The Capsule Inn – Japan

4-Crazy Hotels -  The Capsule Inn - Japan

5. Propeller Island – Berlin

5-Crazy Hotels - Propeller Island - Berlin

6. Das Park Hotel – Austria

6-Crazy Hotels - Das Park Hotel - Austria

7. Kumbuk River Resort – Sri Lanka

7-Crazy Hotels -  Kumbuk River Resort - Sri Lanka

8. Capsule – Netherlands

8-Crazy Hotels - Capsule - Netherlands

9. The Bubble Tree – France

9-Crazy Hotels -  The Bubble Tree - France

10. Dog Bark Park Inn – Idaho

10-Crazy Hotels - Dog Bark Park Inn - Idaho

11. Magic Mountain Lodge – Chile

11-Crazy Hotels - Magic Mountain Lodge - Chile

12. Free Spirit Spheres – Canada

12-Crazy Hotels - Free Spirit Spheres - Canada

13. Sala Silvermine Underground Suite -Sweden

13-Crazy Hotels -  Sala Silvermine Underground Suite -Sweden

14- Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Giraffe Manor Kenya

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