13 Hacks That Will Change The Way You Think About Aluminium Foil

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Here are 13 hacks you can try with aluminium foil that you never thought of before. You should try these simple tricks and recommend them to your friends too.

1. Reduce Ironing Time To Half Using Foil’s Heat Absorbing Properties

1-Aluminium Foil Uses - Cut Ironing Time To Half

If you place a long strip of aluminum foil on your ironing board under the cover, then in one easy step you’ll be able to iron both the front and the back of your garment.

Source: Elizabeth St.

2. Use AAA Batteries And A Bit Of Aluminium Foil To Use Run Out Batteries Again

2-Aluminium Foil Uses - Use when run out of batteries

Use the foil on the ‘+’ end of the battery.

Source: pinterest / Sara Linna

3. Slide Aluminium Foil Under The Furniture Corners To Move It Easily

3-Aluminium Foil Uses - Move Heavy Furniture

Source: Lifehacker

4. Wrap Door Handle With Aluminium Foil To Protect It During Painting

4-Aluminium Foil Uses - Protect Your Door Handle While Painting

Source: Lifehacker

5. Use Aluminium Foil To Remove Rust From Metal

5-Aluminium Foil Uses - Remove Rust From Metal

Source: Feed the Birdies

6. Wrap Banana Ends In Aluminium Foil To Keep From Ripening Right Away

6-Aluminium Foil Uses - Keep bananas from browning too quickly

Source: The Pinterest Experiment

7. Scrap Off The Char From The Grill With A Ball Of Aluminium Foil In A Tong

7-Aluminium Foil Uses - Clean Grill Without Chemicals

Source: food52

8. Dispose-Off Cooking Grease Without A Mess

8-Aluminium Foil Uses - Dispose Of Cooking Grease

You should pour the grease from the pan into a bowl lined with aluminum foil. Once it hardens, close the foil up and throw it out.

Source: My Life as a Mrs.

9. Seal Plastic Bag With Aluminium Foil And Iron To Avoid Spoiling Food

9-Aluminium Foil Uses - Seal Plastic Food Bags

Source: Lifehacker

10. Make Cuts Into The Aluminium Sheets To Sharpen Scissors

10-Aluminium Foil Uses - Sharpen Scissors

Source: Mrs. Polly Rogers

11. Scrub Stubborn Stains From Pots And Pans

11-Aluminium Foil Uses - Scrub Stubborn Pots and pans

Caution: Do not try on non-stick pans.

Source: My American Confessions

12. Curl Straight Hair With Aluminium Foil And Flat Iron

12-Aluminium Foil Uses - Curl Straight Hairs

Source: Happy Little Hummingbird

13. Use Aluminium Foil To Polish Silver

13-Aluminium Foil Uses - Polish Silver

Source: Green Bride Guide

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