13 Most Insane World Records Ever Made

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Nowadays, it is not difficult to make a world record even with the wackiest talent you possess. Guinness World Records consider anything remotely unique a way of turning into a record such as snorting your milk or most people dressed as Kate Bush. We have gathered 13 most insane world records ever made, some of them are fairly new. Check them out.

1. Aaron Caissie Managed To Balance 17 Spoons On His Face At Same Time

Balance Most Spoons On Face

2. Julia Plecher Gets The Award For Fastest 100m In High Heels 

Fastest 100m in high heels

3. Ozzy The Dog Achieved The Fastest Crossing Of A Tightrope Award

Fastest crossing of a tight rope by a dog

4. Happie The Goat For Farthest Distance Skateboarding 

fastest goat skateboarding

5.  Kim Goodman Can Pop Her Eyeballs Out 12mm From The Sockets

greatest eye ball pop

6. Skydiver Ernie Torres Karate-Chopped 12 Wooden Boards In Mid-Air 

karate chopping wooden boards in mid air

7. James Brown Got The Award For The Largest Collection Of Vacuum Cleaners

Guinness World Records

8. Andrew Stanton Passed The Longest Metal Coil Through The Nose And Out Of The Mouth 

Longest metal coil passed through nose

9. Ruan Liangming Spent 53 minutes and 34 seconds Covered In Bees

Longest time being covered with bees

10. Mama Lou Holds Record For The Most Apples Crushed With The Bicep In One Minute

Most apples crushed with a bicep

11. Simon Elmore Can Hold 400 Straws In His Mouth For 10 Seconds

Most Straws Stuffed In Mouth

12. Chayen Hultgren Swallowed 24 Swords Simultaneously

Most swords swallowed simultanoeusly

13. Burnaby Q. Orbax and Sweet Pepper Klopek Buckled 55 Baking Trays Over One’s Head In One Minute

The most baking trays buckled over the head

Source: guinnessworldrecords.comtheguardian.com, List25

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