13 Photos From GTA V That Are So Unreal To Believe

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One of the favorite feature of Grand Theft Auto V is the snapmatic app on each character’s phone. This app lets players capture a selfie using the phone’s front facing camera at which ever location they are standing. Players can then upload snapmatic photographs to the Rockstar Social Club Website for others to vote on the best one.

Today, we have collected 13 photographs from GTA V that are so unreal to believe.

1. Karate Chop A Mime Artist 

GTA V Karate Chop A Mime Artist

2. A Selfie With A Flesh Eating Zombie 

2-GTA V A Selfie With Zombie

3. That’s A Unbelievable Murdered Position 

3-GTA V Unreal Postion of A Murdered Guy

4. Metal On Metal Clash Caught In Action 

4-GTA V Metal On Metal Clash In Action

5. Trevor Finds Jesus

5-GTA V Trevor Finds Jesus

6. Mind Blowing Motor Cycle Stunt 

7-GTA V Amazing Motorcyclist Jump

7. Bizarre Motor Bike Parking

8-GTA V Bizarre Motobike Parking

8. Inverted Plane – Defies All Laws Of Physics

9-GTA V Inverted Plane

9. Para-Gliding With Building In Mid-Air

10-GTA V Paragliding with Mid-air Buildings

10. The Black Car That Got Out Of Mess Easily 

11-GTA V The Car That Got Out Right

11. Humvee On Top Of Bank Roof 

12-GTA V Vehicle On Bank Roof

12. Air Plane Parked On The Beach 

13-GTA V Air Plane On A Beach

13. Agents Take A Selfie With A UFO 

14-GTA V Selfies With UFOs

Source: Computer And Video Games, Complex , Buzzfeed

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