13 Practical Uses Of Coca Cola

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Coca Cola is the second most widely understood word after ‘OK’. It is indeed the most popular brand in the history of brands with over 50 million fans on facebook and growing each day. However, only couple of people know the secret formula of Coca Cola. The concentrate is made centrally and then exported to over 900 bottling plants around the world. Whatever they put in it, is infact useful in countless ways other than drinking. Today we are going to reveal 13 such practical uses of Coca Cola which you may not have heard about before.

1. Remove Stubborn Stains

The secret ingredient in Coca Cola can remove stains from clothes, toilet, dishwasher and floor tiles. It can remove stains of oil, blood and rusting. You can even clean your windows and pool from this $6 -$15 bottle. Cheap cleaning solution!

1-coca cola can be used to clean stubbor stains

2. Be A Bug Slayer

You can get rid of ants and cockroaches by spraying the fizzy drink on them. In India, some farmers use coca-cola as pesticides because the high sugar content in the drink is efficient for fighting pests.

2-coca cola can be a bug slayer

3. Coca Cola Can Be Your Beautician

Girls! Here are some cheap beauty tips for you. For curly hairs, put some flat coke on your hair, leave it for few minutes and rinse thorougly. For glowing and smooth skin, mix a tablespoon of flat coke into your usual moisturizer and massage your skin. If you are trying to remove stuck gum from your hairs, pour Coca Cola on your hair and the task will become easier. Coca Cola has an additional benefit of making your hair soft. And if your hair dying day was a disaster, use Coca Cola to fade the color.

3-Coca cola can be your beautician

 4. Relief From Stings And Bites

Coca Cola acts as an ointment for bee & jellyfish stings, mosquito bites and sting of a stingray. This will ease your pain in emergency situations when no other help is available.

4. coca cola can be used for a relief from bites and stings

5. Defrost Your Windshields

If you want to quickly scrape the ice off from your windshield; pour a can of Coca Cola on it.

5-Coca cola can be used for defrosting your windshields

6. Eliminate Skunk Odor

Mix a can of Coca Cola with a little dish soap in a bucket of water to eliminate the skunk odor. If you want a stronger solution, you can also add hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to the mixture. If you want to remove the stinky smell on yourself then pour coke over smelly areas and then shower-off.

6-coca cola can be used to eliminate skunk odor

7. Use Coca Cola To Make Your Lawn Bloom

If you want your lawn to be healthy and blooming, pour a can of Coca Cola in your composit bin each week. This will strength the growth of the microorganisms helpful in making your lawn more colorful.

7-use coca cola to make your garden healthy and blooming

8. Coin Collector? Make Them Shinier

If you are a coin collector, then cleaning them is not an easy task. You can put your coins in a glass of coca cola and leave them there for a few minutes. When you will take out the coins, they will be shinier and new again.

8-coca cola can be used to make coins shinier

9. Use Coca Cola As A Paint Remover

If your furniture has a paint stain on it, grab a towel, soak it in coke and rub it on the stain. Your furniture will be new again. Don’t forget to use the soap water afterwards to remove the stickiness of the drink.

9-use coca cola as a paint remover

10. Clean Up Corroded Batteries

You can clean up car battery terminals or corroded batteries using Coca Cola. It does not dilute the battery acid which is quite acidic.

10- Coca cola can be used to clean up corroded batteries

11. Give Your Photographs A Vintage look

Dip your photograph in a dish of coke for a second, take it out and leave it to drying. The photograph will have vintage look once dried.

11-use coca cola to give a vintage look to your photgraphs

12. Prevent An Asthma Attack

It is said that the caffeine in two 12 oz cans can prevent the onset of an attack. However, we recommend to get immediate medical care in an event of an asthma attack. 

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13. Get Rid Of Hiccups

Gargle with a big mouthful of ice cold coke to get rid of hiccups.

13- Use coca cola to get rid of hiccups

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