13 Secret Recipies You Should Try At Home

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You love food but you do not want to read through lengthy recipes. Are you in search of easy to follow recipes? Perhaps recipes explained with fewer steps and more images. Here are your 13 GIFs for food recipes that you can easily follow and replicate at home.

1. Ice Cream Dessert

1-Ice Cream Dessert

2. Apple Pie

3-Apple Pie

3. Ice Cream Sandwich

4-Ice Cream Sandwich

4. French Fries

5-French Fries

5. Creamy Strawberry

6-Creamy Strawberry

6. Meatball Sandwich

7-Meatball Sandwich

7. Meat Burger Patty

8-Meat Burger Patty

8. Chocolate Milkshake

9-Chocolate Milkshake

9. Banana Butter Sandwich

10-Banana Butter Sandwich

10. Simple But Delicious Pasta


11. Caramelized Apples

12-Caramalized Apples

12. Chapati Filling

13-Chipatte Filling

13. Cheese & Macaroni Pizza

2-Macroni and Cheese Pizza

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