13 Simple Hacks You Should Know About Gmail

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Gmail celebrated its 10th birthday earlier  this year with 425 million active users worldwide. Gmail was taken as an April Fool hoax when it was first launched on 1st April 2004. The service was free and offered 500 times more storage capacity than Microsoft which was considered impossible. It was indeed real and turned out to be revolutionary. We all know Google loves to hide the best features for you to figure out on your own. However, we will help you with 13 simple Gmail tricks that will make your life easier.

1. Read Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline  is a Chrome extension that lets you read, respond to, search and archive emails without an internet connection.  However, you need to let the extension sync and download emails for offline use. Go to settings and then click on Gmail Offline tab.

1-read gmail offline

2. Use Gmail Labels For A Cleaner Interface

If you ever wondered if Gmail has folders then the answer is “No”. Gmail uses labels instead, which are used to mark the emails in Inbox. If you want to put any email to a lable, simply open the email and use ‘Move To’ option.

2-add gmail labels

3. See Messages Meant Just For You 

You can easily set an indicator to emails in your inbox whether the email is just for you (>) or for multiple recipients (>>). Go to Settings > General Tab > Personal Level Indicators > Enable “Show Indicators”

3-gmail see messages meant just for you

4. Suspicious Someone Is Reading Your Emails? Check Last Account Activity.

If you are suspicious that someone else is reading your mail then Gmail can offer you some peace of mind. Scroll all the way down in the inbox view and click “Last account activity: X minutes ago” on the extreme right. You can view details for the last time someone logged in to your account with browser, IP, location and timings. 

4-gmail see who is reading your mail

5. Perform Mass Unsubscription of Promotional Emails

Emails have Unsubscribe button with the sender’s mail. You can click this button to easily unsubscribe. You can also use Unroll.me for one click clean up.

5-Gmail mass unsubscribe from newsletters 6. Send Emails From Same Account But Different Address

You can use the same account and yet send email from different email addresses. Follow the instructions in the image below.

6-gmail reply from different accounts7. Use Canned Response If You Have To Send Out Same Email For A Bunch Of Times

If you need to send same email to multiple addresses separately, you can save the response as a canned response to be used when needed. Simply go to Settings> Labs> Enable Canned Response. You can save canned response from drop down menu beside trash can in New Message dialogue box.

7-gmail send same message multiple times

8. Attend To Important Emails Using “Add Emails To Task” Feature

In the Inbox email view box, go to “More” drop down, and click on “Add To Task” .  The emails will be saved in the task list for your later review and you can cancel the task once you are done responding to them.

8-gmail adding email to task

9. Get Unread Message Icon On Gmail Tab

Go to Settings > Labs tab > Enable “Unread message icon.” Now you  don’t have to go to email tab again and again; you can just view from the tab how many unread messages do you have.

9-Gmail show unread messages on tab

10. Schedule Email To Be Send Later

Download Boomrang For Gmail  and schedule your emails to be send on a specific time, date or day.

10-schedule gmail to send later 11. Want Inbox Zero, Use Send And Archive Button

If you no longer want to see emails in your inbox that you have already attended to, then go to Settings > General tab > Send and Archive > Enable Show Send & Archive . Note this will not delete your emails but simply save them in another folder giving you a decluttered inbox.

11-gmail send and archive button

12. Get Creative With Google’s Stars To Mark Important Emails

If you want to be a little creative and give value to your inbox then go to Settings> General > Stars and drag drop the stars from “Not in Use” to “In Use”

12-gmail super stars

13. Save Yourself From An Email Blunder

If you accidentenly send an email, then go to Settings> Labs> Enable Undo Send and save yourself from the blunder.

13-gmail undo send

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