13 Things Apple Phones Still Cannot Do But Android Can

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The common way to differentiate iPhone users from Android users is simplicity. iPhone users love to keep up to the technology but do not want to be bombarded with several different features. Android users on the other hand, want to have extra features and applications that can make their daily life easier. These people keep everything on their phones that is to say they do not use their phone just to make a call or SMS a friend or Skype a spouse. Today, we have gathered 13 features of Android phones that are not yet available on iPhone.

1. Android Batteries Are Replaceable But iPhone Relies On A Single Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. Once iPhone Is Dead, It’s Dead Forever!

1-Things Android Can Do - Add A Larger Battery To Phone

2. You Can Add Or Move Around Widgets On Your Android Home Screen. 

2-Things Android Can Do - Add Widgets To Your Screen

3. You Can Open Multiple Apps At The Same Time. This Functionality Is Available In Few Android Brands

3-Things Android Can Do - Multiple Apps At The Same Time

4. You Can Change The Entire Interface Of An Android Phone As There Is Much More Room For Customization Then On iPhone

4-Things Android Can Do - More Customization Options

5. Samsung Brought Smart Eye Technology Which Uses Front Face Camera To Track User’s Eyes!

If you look away from mobile screen, the video is paused or the screen is not turned off, if the user is looking at the screen. This technology can even scroll pages up or down based on your eye movement.

5-Things Android Can Do - Eye Tracking Technology

6. You Can Use Android Phone As A Remote Control

6-Things Android Can Do - Android Phone As A Remote Control

7. Android Face Unlocking Technology Was Released Way Before Apple Came Up With Finger Print Scanning Technology

7-Things Android Can Do - Face Unlock Technology

8. Android Phones Have Micro USB Charging And Micro HDMI Connection

8-Things Android Can Do - Micro HDMI Conncetion and MIcro USB Charging

9. You Can Navigate The Content Without Touching Your Display Screen With Air View Functionality

9-Things Android Can Do - Air View Option

10. You Can Swap Out The Back Cover10-Things Android Can Do - You Can Swap Out The Back Cover 11. You Can Add More Storage To Android Phones With A Micro SD Card

11-Things Android Can Do - More Storage Using SD Card

12. You Can Swipe Down The Top Of Your Screen To Get Shortcuts To A Bunch Of Settings.

12-Things Android Can Do - Swipe Down For Shortcut Settings

13. The New Moto X Offers “The Touchless Voice Controls”. You Need Not To Press The Mike To Activate Voice Control.

13-Things Android Can Do - Moto X Without Touch Phone Instruction

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