13 Unusual Uses Of Tension Rods Everybody Should Adopt

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Tension rods are cheap, versatile and totally removable. They can easily fit into unreachable places and also do not damage walls, closets or cabinets. Today we have collected 13 uses of tension rods which you may have never thought about before. Check them out below:

1. You Can Hang Linen Curtains Like A Canopy

a canopy for your bed

2. Brass Tension Rods For Hanging Pictures

another way to hang photographs

3. Copper Painter Tension Rod And Drilled Plates An Excellent Vertical Storage

built a vertical storage

4. Convert A Regular Draw Into Specialized File Storage 

file storage space

5. Sun-Loving Plant Pots Hanged On Tension Rods In Front Of Window

hang plant pots on windows

6. An Impromptu Closet Door With Tension Rod And Spare Curtains

impromptu closet door

7. Make Bookshelf Shades To Conceal Clutter

make book shelve shades

8. Shoe Collection Storage Space

organize your shoe collection

9. Separate Utensils In Cupboard Using Tension Rods

separate utensils in cupboards

10. Hang Cleaning Supplies Under The Sink

tension rods for hanging detergents

11. Turn Unusable Space Into Additional Storage Space

turn unusable space for clothing

12. Use Slink Shirt And Tension Rod To Hide The Sink Bottom 

use slink shirts to hide the sink bottom

13. Store Handicraft Supplies More Efficiently

store handicraft supplies

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