13 Uses Of Velcro You Should Know

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Velcro is a fabric hook and loop fastener which was invented by Swiss engineer Geogesde Mestral in 1941. He took the inspiration from some seeds which kept on sticking on his clothes during his walk through the Alps. This two piece fastener is now being used to attach or organize almost every house hold object. It is strong enough to hold any object weight, even an iPad. Yes, don’t forget to watch the video below. We have also collected 13 other uses of Velcro that you most probably didn’t know.

1. Keep A Rug In Place

Velcro Uses - Keep rugs intact at correct place

2. Hang A Photo Frame On Wall

Velcro Uses - Hang Photo Frames

3. Use Velcro To Mount An iPad

4. Organize Bathroom Products In Cups, Kids Toys Or Garage Tools

Velcro uses- Organize bathroom supplies

Velcro Uses - Organize Kids toys

5. Mount Your External Hard Drive Under Your Desk

Velcro Uses - mount your external hard drive under your desk

6. Secure Cushions On Wooden Chairs

Secure cushion using velcro

7. Pull Off Pesky Balls From Your Winter Knitwear

Velcro uses - pull off pesky balls from winter knitwear

8. Prevent Table Cloth From Flying Away When Having Picnic  

Velcro uses - prevent table cloth from flying away

9. Restrain Wayward Cords Or Wires 

Velcro Uses - Restrain Wayward Cords or wires

10.  Keep Track Of  TV Remote

TV Romot Velcro

11. Straighten Your Curtains 

Velcro Uses - Straighten your curtains

12.  Use Velcro To Mount Spice Grinders In Kitchen

Velcro uses - mount spice grinders in Kitchen 2

Velcro uses - mount spice grinders in Kitchen

 13. Attach Battery Powered Lights In Hallways

Velcro uses - attach battery powered lights in hallways

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