13 Utterly Bizarre Innovations Of The Modern Age

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Check out these bizarre inventions which do not have any use at all. However, their creators were able to relate the product’s insane functions to daily life in a weird way. Tell us your take on these weird innovations in the comment section below.

1. Blood Lamp – It Powers Up With A Drop Of Your Blood

1-Bizarre Invensions - Blood Lamp

2. Bread Gloves – Make A Hand Sandwich 

2-Bizarre Invensions - Bread Gloves - make anything into a sandwich

3. Cat Wig – Dress Up Your Cat

3-Bizarre Invensions - Cat Wig

4. Air Conditioned Shoes – Do Not Take Anywhere Near Water Though

4-Bizarre Invensions - Air Conditioned Shoes

5. Giant Robot Slipper With Sound

5-Bizarre Invensions - Giant Robot Slipper With Sound


6. iArm – Mount Anything On Your Wrist

6-Bizarre Invensions - iArm 7. TV Hat Personal Theatre

7-Bizarre Invensions - TV Hat Personal Theatre

8. Walking Sleeping Bag

8-Bizarre Invensions - Walking Sleeping Bag

9. Phone Fingers – Save Your Smart Phone From Your Microbial Fingers

9-Bizarre Invensions - Phone Fingers

10. Solar Powered Cigarettes

10-Bizarre Invensions - Solar Powered Cigarette

11. USB Pet Rock – Which Does Absolutely Nothing!

11-Bizarre Invensions - USB Pet Rock

12. Butter Stick

12-Bizarre Invensions - Butter Stick

13. HapiFork – Learn How To Use Fork13-Bizarre Invensions - HapiFork

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