13 Weird Stuff You Will Only Find On Google Maps

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Google is known to hide secret features which are fun, weird and sometimes amazing. Today, we have collected 13 weird stuff that only exists on Google Maps and will certainly blow your mind off.

1. A 1000 Year Old “Fish Trap” Made Of Stones Was Found Off The British Coast With Google Maps

1-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Fish Trap

2. The World’s Largest Bridge, Xianren Bridge (Fairy Bridge) In China, Was Not Well Known Unitll It Was Discovered On Google Maps

2-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Xianren Bridge China 1

2-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Xianren Bridge China 2

3. You Can See What Will Happen If A Nuclear Bomb Goes Off In Your City

3-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - See What Happens If A Nuclear Bomb Goes Off

4. Satellite Archeaological Researcher Angela Micol Discovered Egyptian Pyramids Previously Thought Lost Using Google Earth

4-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Found Lost Pyramids

5. Google Maps Include “Copyright Easter Eggs”. Fake Street Pictures Can Be Proven As Copied

5-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Copy Right Easter Eggs

6. There Is A Section Of Google Maps For The Egyptian Protests Showing Where They Are Happening As Well As Hospitals And Blood Donation Centers

6-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Egyptian Protests Points

7. An Average User Has Saved 2 Years Time Using Google Maps Navigation

7-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Time Saved By Maps Users Is 2 Years

8. Osama Bin Laden Compound Can Be Seen On Google Maps

8-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Osama Bin Laden Compound

9. Google Maps Lab Tools Allow You To Measure Distance In 70 Different Units Including Beard Second

9-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Beard Second

10. Google Maps Show A Phantom Town “Argleton” Location In England

10-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Shows Phantom Town In UK

11. Since 2007, Google Maps Street View Team Has Captured Tens Of Millions Of Images And Driven More Than Five Million Unique Miles

11-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Google Maps Team Has Taken Millions Of Images

12. Google Maps Vehicles Collect Private Data Such As Passwords From Unprotected Wi-Fi Networks

12-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Collects Private Data

13. The Rain Forest Surrounding Mount Mabu In Africa Is Nicknamed “Google Forest” Due To Its Discovery On Google Maps

13-Weird Stuff On Google Maps - Google Forest

Source: ViralNova, fullpunch

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