14 Foods We Have Been Eating All Wrong Ever

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“If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of the world.” Yet everyday we forget to offer gratitude and find ways to waste what we have. We misuse food by either throwing away the leftover or not using the right way to eat. Today, we have gathered tips for 14 food items that we have been eating wrong all our lives. These tips will help you eat food smartly and keep it healthy & fresh.

1. Peel The Mangoes Without Getting Your Hands Full

1-Peel the mangoes easily

2. Use Cereal Crust For French Toast To Enjoy Extra Crunch And Flavor

2-encrunch french toast with cereal for extra flavor and crispiness

3. Hold Oreo With Fork So Your Fingers Don’t Get Messy When Dunking Them

3-hold oreo with a fork when dunking in the milk

4. Cut Ice Cream With A Knife For Easier Serving At Parties

4-cut icecream with a knife for easier serving

5. Pack Salads In Mason Jar For Freshness On The Go

5-pack salads in mason jars for freshness

6. Flip A Cupcake For A Perfect Icing Sandwich

6-flip a cupcake for perfect icing sandwich

7. Here’s How You Can Use Left Over Pizza To Make A Perfect Breakfast

7-what you can do with the left over pizza

8. Make The Best Iced Coffee With Milk and Crushed Oreo Cookies Frozen In An Ice Cube Tray

8-make an iced coffee from oreo

9. Make Perfect Vegetable Eggs And Avoid Eggs Running

9-make veggies egg

10. Make Delicious Potato Recipe With Partially Sliced Loaded Baked Potato

10- delicious easy to make potato recipe

11. Wrap The Top Of Bananas With Plastic And They Will Last 4-5 Days Longer

11- wrap the top of the bananas for extended freshness

12. Crack Egg Shells For Attractive Dye Patterns To Make Children Eat Boiled Eggs

12-crack shells for trippy dye pattern

13. Keep Cakes Moist Overnight By Placing Bread On Top

13-keep cakes moist by placing a piece of bread on it

14. Make Dried Fruits In Your Oven

14-make dry fruits in the oven

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