14 Genius Office Pranks

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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” And the most boring time is to sit in office from 9 to 6 and kill the joker living inside you. Sometimes a laugh and a decent prank can not only make your office time pleasing but might also help making lifelong friends. Today, we have collected 14 office pranks that you should definitely pull off on your colleagues.

1. Install An AirHorn As A Door Wall Protector

1-Office Pranks - Install A airhorn as a door wall protector

Or Attach It Under Their Seats

1-Office Pranks - Attach an airhorn to their seat

2. Tell Someone They Are Self-Absorbed

2-Office pranks - tell someone they are self-absorbed

3. Sure Way To Create A Mess In The Office. Genius!

3-Office Pranks - Have fun cleaning this up

4. Leave Them A Present! 😉

4-Office Pranks - Leave them a present

5. Create An Infinite Loop Of Shopping Carts Around Their Car

5-Office Prank - Create an infinte loop of shopping carts around their car

6. Most Epic Scare Of All Times!

6-Office Pranks - Bear surprize

7. Delight Their Taste Buds With Caramalized Onions!

7-Office Pranks - delight their taste buds with caramelized onions

8. Pack Their Office Stationary In Jelly!

8-Office Pranks - serve them with delicious Jelly

9. Irritate Someone With Justin Bieber!

9-Office Pranks - Bieber fan

10. Tightly Wrap Their Car In Cling Sheet!

10-Office Prank - Wrap the car in Cling Paper

11. Grow Plants On Keyboard!

11-Office Pranks - Trim your keyboard

12. Hand Them The Magic Pipe Of Pied Piper Before They Enter In Office!

12-Office Pranks - Mouse Traps

13. Never Let Them Get Short On Post-It-Note!

13-Office Pranks - Post It Notes

14. Want To Be The Legend Prankster  – Think Bigger!

14-Office Prank - Think bigger

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