14 Insane Comparison Of Old And New Technologies

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We have came a long way in technology and much has changed over the years very quickly. We have gathered today 14 images to show this phenomenal technology transition. The comparison will make you realize about all the modern day facilities you have been taking for granted for a while. Don’t you think?

1. The Power Of Smartphones

1-New Vs Old Tech - The power of smart phones

2. Fast And Furious 

2-New Vs Old Tech -  improvement in speed gaining time of cars

3. Imagine All The Space Usage If It Was Not For iPod

3-New Vs Old Tech - Memory and  Storage Advancement

4. Thanks To Advancement In Biomedical Engineering

4-New Vs Old Tech - Prosthetic Arms Thanks To Biomedical Technology

5. This Is How Calculator Looked Like More Than Half A Century Back!

5-New Vs Old Tech - This Is How Calculator Looked Like More Than Half A Century Back

6. Advancements In Farming 

6-New Vs Old Tech - Advancement in farming

7. Fatal Car Accidents Have Decreased Over The Years

7-New Vs Old Tech - Rate for fatal car accidents have dropped

8. HIV Is Not Fatal Anymore

8-New Vs Old Tech - HIV is not a fatal disease anymore

9. Reduction In Fatalities By Infectious Disease

9-New Vs Old Tech - Reduction in fatalities

10. Flying Has Become More Reliable 

10-New Vs Old Tech - Flying has become reliable

11. Liver Transplantation Can Be Done With Less Pain

11-New Vs Old Tech - Liver transplantation became easy

12. How Much Books On Kindle Will Weigh?

12-New Vs Old Tech - How much books in Kindle will weigh

13. Golf Balls Can Cover Longer Distances

13-New Vs Old Tech - Golf Balls Can cover longer distance

14. Easy Pacemaker Surgery!

14-New Vs Old Tech - Pacemaker Technology

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