14 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

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Several gadgets are available now a days to make life easier. However, living smartly does not imply to buy each one of it. You can have  an easier life through simple tricks for using day to day objects. This will not only offer cheap alternative but save your time as well. Here are 14 hacks to make your life uncomplicated and more manageable.

1. Cook A Perfect Fried Egg

1- cook a perfect fried egg

2. Use A Straw To Remove The Stem From The Strawberry

2-use a straw to remove the stem from the strawberry

3. Use A Clean Dustpan To Fill A Container That Does Not Fit In Sink

3-use a clean dustpan to fill a container that doesnot fit in sink

4. Lay Half-Filled Water Bottle To Its Side In Freezer To Have Ice Cold Water On The Go

4-half filled bottle lay to its side in freezer

5. Slit A Tennis Ball To Hold Everyday Items

5-slit a tennis ball to hold items

6. Heavy Sleeper?? Place Your Smartphone Inside a Glass For A Louder Alarm

6-smartphone in a glass

7. Use A Post-It-Note To Clean Keyboard

7-use post it note to clean keyboard

8. Find Tiny Items By Covering The End Of A Vacuum With A Stocking

8-put stocking at the end of the vaccum to find tiny items

9. Use A Binder Clip To Air Out Sponges

9-use a binder clip to air out the sponge

10. Use Clear Nailpolish To Keep Button From Unravelling

10-clear nailpolish to keep the button from unravelling

11. Stretch Out Your Shoes With A Hair Dryer While Wearing Thick Socks

11-break in new shoes with thick socks and hair dryer

12. Use A Newspaper To Absorb Odor & Moisture

12-newspaper absorb odor and moisture

13. Make An iPhone Speaker For Just $2

13-two dollar iphone speaker

14. Organize Cleaning Supplies Through Hanging Shoe Rack

14-use shoe rack to organize cleaning supplies

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