14 Police Sketches That Looked Like Drawings Of 10 Year Old

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All the crime shows have that brilliant artist who can draw perfect picture of the criminal as the witness has described it. It is even surprising that a witness can explain the person so accurately, but then TV shows are not exactly reality based. The artist in a real life police station has probably never been to an art school and this fact will be proven once you go through the criminal sketches shared below. These sketches are similar to drawings of a 10 year old child and even then most of them led to arrests.

1. Bird Face 

Bird Face Police Sketch

2. Hope He Doesn’t Look This Creepy In Real Life

Creeper Police Sketch

3. Apparently The Guy Was Not born With Eyes 

Flesh Colored Glasses Sketch

4. They Were Looking For The Newscaster All Along

Fugitive Newscaster Police Sketch

5. Poor Criminal Horrible Police Sketch

6. Lime Green Hair Instead Of Blonde 

Lime Green Hair Police Sketch

7. Why Even Bothered Drawing? Could Have Just Wrote Down “Guy With The Baseball Cap” 

Mad Hatter Police Sketch

8. And This Led To An Arrest. How Did they Even Recognize? 

Police Sketch Graph Paper Caper

9. Someone Gave The Description of “Super Mario Brother” 

Police Sketch Super Alfred Mario

10. Looks More Innocent Than Criminal

Police Sketches that looked like child drawings

11. Shifty Eyes Criminal

Shifty Eyes McGee

12. Squished Face 

Squished Face Police Sketch

13. Apparently A Wolf Woman Was Running Around On Streets 

Wolf Woman Police Sketch

14. Young Einstein With Lots Of Hair On Head 

Young Eeinstein With Lots of Hair

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