14 Products That Are Secretly Changing The Face Of Earth

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It is not wise to travel with a lot of stuff, but then not many options are available to reduce the luggage either. Keeping this in mind, we have selected 14 gadgets that take less space both during travel and in your day to day life.

1. Cardsharp Knife Fits Right In Your Pocket

Cardsharp Knife Source:  thinkgeek

2. Compact External ChargersCompact Chargers

Source: ourliveshop

3. Quarter Sized GPS Tracker 

GPS TrackerSource: sticknfind

4. Laser Keyboard Laser Keyboard

Source: celluon

5. Micro Camera That Can Record And Store Footage 

Micro Camera

Source: cnet

6. Mini Desk Vacuum

Mini Desk Vacuum

Source: odditymall

7. Multifunctional Ring 

Multifunctional Ring

Source: geekitdown

8. Pocket Fishing Rod 

Pocket Fishing Rod

Source: red5.co

9. Pocket Sized Speakers 

Pocket Sized Speakers

Source: soundmatters 

10. Pocket Turnables For On The Go DJ 

Pocket Turntables

Source: mensgear

11. Pocket Sized Washing Machine Ideal For Travelling

Pocket Sized Washing Machine

Source: thescrubba

12. Portable Printer

Portable Printer

Source: gizmag

13. Travel Scrabble

Travel Scrabble

Source:  restorationhardware

14. Wallet Flask

Wallet Flask

Source: drinkingmadeeasy

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