14 Simple Tricks To Increase Your iPhone Battery Life

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iPhone users usually complain about the battery running out fast and they have to charge it within 24 hrs from the last charge. Even iPhone is indirectly taunted on a Samsung TV Ad where iPhone users are firmly attached to airport walls for charging their phone.

iPhone has to offer a lot of features which sometimes are not required to be used. If these features are turned off or used in controlled settings, it can preserve your iPhone battery for a longer time. Here are 14 ideas that can save up iPhone battery.

1.  Turn Off Vibrations

Vibrations drain battery even when phone is in silent mode and it makes a lot of noise too. Turn them off at Settings > Sounds.

1-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - Turn off Vibrations

2.  Reduce Screen Brightness

Screen brightness eats up your battery and too much brightness is bad for your eye sight if you are using your iPhone alot. Reduce the screen brightness to upto 50% or low from the control center (swipe up the bottom of the screen) or Setting > Wallpapers & Brightness.

2-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - Reduce Screen Brightness

3. Shorten The Auto-Lock Time

If your iPhone is in idle mode, the auto-lock feature waits for a certain amount of time before turning off the display in order to conserve battery.  You can set the wait time from Settings > General. Maximum efficiency can be gained at 1 min time set.

3-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - Shorten The Auto Lock Time

4. Use Airplane Mode Whenever You Don’t Need Data Connection

You can turn on the airplane mode right at the top of the settings. Do this whenever you are at low reception area or you don’t need data connection for a long time. It saves up a lot of battery power.

4-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - use airplane mode whenever you don't need data connection

5. Protect Your iPhone From Extreme Temperatures

Keep your battery at room temperature. Anything above 100 degrees Fahrenheit or near freezing can not only damage your battery but also lessen the battery time. 

5-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - Protect your iPhone from extreme temperatures

6.  Switch Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth unnecessarily can eat up your battery quickly. Turn them off from either control center or settings.

6-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - switch off wifi and bluetooth

7.  Close Dormant Apps

Even if you have shut down a certain app, sometimes it is not completely off and runs in the background. This way your iPhone is using both energy and memory. Press the home button and swipe up on apps to close them for real.

7-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - Close Dormant Apps

8. Turn Off GPS

GPS consumes a lot of your iPhone’s battery since it is continously checking up your location on map. There are two ways to shut it off; go to settings > Privacy > Location Services or  go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services then switch off the Frequent Locations option. The frequent locations option is relatively new which tracks the location of your most visited places. 

8-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - Turn off GPS

9.  Turn Off Push Notifications For Apps And Email

Push notifications let you check email and other apps notifications in real time. These notifications not only drain your battery but are also a source of distraction. You can turn them off  from Settings > Mail, Contacts & Calendars > Fetch New Data and turn off Push for emails. You can also set your email account to fetch mail manually rather than automatically. For other apps, go to Settings > Notification Center > you will see all your apps > turn them off. 

9-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - Turn Off Push Notifications

10. Resist The Temptation To Use Live Wallpapers

You should try not to use live wallpapers since they consume battery. It’s better to choose still images or your photographs as wallpapers from Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose a New Wallpaper.

10-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - Resist the temptation to use dynamic wallpapers

11. Turn Off Automatic Updates

Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store to switch off updates. It’s a great way to save power.

11-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - Turn Off Automatic Updates 12. Switch Off AirDrop When You Don’t Need It

AirDrop lets you share content with other devices and it’s better to turn it off when not in use. You can switch this service off from control center.

12-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - switch off airdrop when you dont need it

13. Disable Background App Refresh

Background app refresh means that the most used apps are running in background so that they open up quickly when needed. You can turn it off from Settings > General > Background App Refresh. The disadvantage will be that apps take more time to launch.

13-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - disable background app refresh

14. Disable Siri Raise To Speak Option

This option allows you to raise your phone to your ear to talk to Siri instead of pressing home button. Apparently, turning this feature off lets you save battery. Go to Settings > General > Siri and switch off Raise to Speak.

14-Revolutionary iPhone Battery Tips - Disable Siri raise to speak option

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