14 Things You Didn’t Know Google Can Do

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Google has become an immense part of our lives; you hear the phrase “Google it” more often than you can count. Only last year, 2,161,530,000,000 searches were made through Google which has a long history of coming up with most innovative products and ideas. It is no surprise if they have hidden a few tricks within their search engine. We have collected 14 such Google tricks which are not only fun to use but are extremely helpful.

1.  Get Meaning, Origin, History Of A Word Just By Typing Meaning After It

1-google can be your dictionary

2. Got A Friend Who Asks Dumb Questions, Suggest GIYF.Com

2-google is your friend 3. Google Can Reverse Image Search For You3-google can reverse image search for you 4. Google Can Calculate Exact Tip For You

4-google can provide you a tip calculator

5. Google Can Do Conversions For You

5-google can do conversion for you

6. Search “Google in 1998” And Go Back In Time6-google in 1998

7. Google Can Help You Decide What To Eat

7-Google can help you decide what to eat

8. Google Can Check Your Flight Status For You

8-you can check flight status on google

9. Google Can Be A Weather Forecaster For you

9-you can get weather forecast of any city on google

10. Google Can Give You Exact Sunrise And Sunset Timings

10-google can give you exact times for sunset and sunrise

11. Search Tilt And See A Tilted Google Page

11-google can tilt your page

12. Play Hidden Game “Zerg Rush” On Google

12-Play hidden game on Google zerg rush 13. Type “Atari Breakout” Into Google Images For A Nostalgic Blast From The Past

13-Play atari breakout on google

14. Google Can Give You Release Dates, Movie Times And Locations

google can give you release dates for a movie

google can give you movie times and locations for the movie

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