15 Amusing Uses Of Tea Bags Other Than Making Tea

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There are plenty of health benefits of tea but its left overs also offers the unwanted waste to handle. But wait, this waste offers stunning household uses. We have collected 15 uses of tea bags other than making tea that might blow your socks off tonight. Let us know which was the most unexpected benefit for you.

1. Homemade Soap

You can add tea in your soap for fragrance and smoother skin. You can open up a used tea bag and rub your hands with the tea leaves for fresh smelling hands after cutting up garlic or onions in Kitchen.

1-Uses Of Tea Bags - Homemade Soap

2. Clean Windows And Mirrors

You can clean your house windows and mirrors with a pot of tea. Let the brewed tea cool down and then dip a cloth in the liquid. Use the clothe for wiping the mirrors and windows, then use a dry cloth for a perfect shine.

2-Uses Of Tea Bags - Clean Windows And Mirrors

3. Soothe Tired Eyes

You can apply wet teabags on your eyes to reduce puffiness and soothing pain. Another way is to place the unused teabags in the freezer for 1 minute, then apply on your eyes. This will help with the dark circles.

3-Uses Of Tea Bags - Soothe the Tired Eyes

4. Freshen Up Rugs And Carpets

You can apply dry, used green tea leaves on your carpet or rug and leave it for a couple of minutes. This allow the release of active compounds within the tea leaves. Now vacuum up leaves and your carpets will feel fresher and cleaner.

4-Uses Of Tea Bags - Freshen Up Rugs And Carpets

5. Polish Wood Furniture And Floor

Dip a soft cloth in black tea and wipe it on the furniture to clean it. If you want the shine and color of the wood floor, dip a cloth with brewed tea and rub it against the floor. However,  make sure to remove the excess liquid before applying the cloth on the wood flooring. Let it air dry to see the effect.

5-Uses Of Tea Bags - Polish Furniture

6. Soothe Insect Bites, Blisters And Sun Burns

You should place a cold and wet tea bag on the affected area for instant relief.

6-Uses Of Tea Bags - Soothe Insect Bites, Blisters

7. Repel Mosquitoes

You can burn tea leaves to make a non-chemical natural mosquito repeller. 

7-Uses Of Tea Bags - Repel Mosquitoes

8. Hair Conditioner

You should place a couple of used tea bags into a basin of water to make a tea mixture, then pour it over your head, give a massage and squeeze out the excess tea. Then leave the tea on your hair to dry and rinse off after a couple of minutes. This will give your hair silky smoothness and shone.

8-Uses Of Tea Bags - Embellish Your Hair

9. Get Rid Of Unpleasant Smell

You can  place a used tea bag on the fridge shelf to absorb the unpleasant odors from leftovers or fishy smell.  If you just rinse your hands with warm or cold tea, fish odor will be removed from your hands. Give a hot tea bath to your feet to get rid of smell, for relaxing tired feet, soothing the skin and strengthening your toenails.

9-Uses Of Tea Bags - Get Rid Of Unpleasant Smell

10. Fertilize Plants

You can make an organic fertilizer by placing a couple of used tea bags at the bottom of pot and covering it with soil. Every time when you water your plants, the nutrients from the tea bags will get absorbed into the plant.

10-Uses Of Tea Bags - Fertilize Plants

11. Enhance Your Skin Beauty

Treat your skin with tea for a smoother look, to calm redness, to help in removing acne, to relieve from irritation, to reduce swelling and restore the even coloration of skin.

11-Uses Of Tea Bags - Enhance Your Skin Beauty

12. Dye Your Fabric

You can make use of tea as fabric dye to make a natural and inexpensive dye which leaves a beige color or similar shades.

12-Uses Of Tea Bags - Dye Fabric

13. Improve Oral Health 

For bleeding gums, place a cooled teabag in the mouth, and wait for a couple of minutes. It will stop bleeding and reduce the discomfort as well. Bad mouth breath can be refreshed with peppermint tea. This also helps in removing the unpleasant smell, act as a natural antiseptic, and relieves mild toothaches.

13-Uses Of Tea Bags - Improve Oral Health

14. Tenderize Meat

If you marinate the meat in tea before cooking, it makes it tenderer and easier to digest. You can use black tea for an extra taste.

14-Uses Of Tea Bags - Tenderize Meat

15. Recovery From Injection Marks And Swelling 

Place a wet teabag on an injection site for soothing. 

15-Uses Of Tea Bags - Recovery From Injection Marks And Swelling

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