15 Beautiful Places In Pakistan No One Talks About

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Pakistan has been blessed with some of the most beautiful places on Earth and their natural beauty is unmatched to any artificial recreational spot around the world. The northern areas in Pakistan are famous for sky high mountains, lush green valleys, mighty rivers, beautiful lakes and amazing wildlife. The Neelum Valley (Paradise n Earth), Swat Valley (Mini Switzerland) and Hunza Valley (Mountain Kingdom) are the major tourist’s attractions of Pakistan. You may have known about all these places but today we are going to list down hidden yet incredible places of Pakistan.

1. Altit Fort, Hunza Valley

Altit Fort is an 800 years old  historical building located in Central Hunza about thousands of feet above the Hunza River. It was the palace of the ancient Mirs of Hunza Valley.

Altit Fort - Hunza 4

2. Baltoro Glacier, Karakorum Range

Baltoro glacier - Karakorum range

3. Chand Billi, Astor Valley, Gilgit Baltistan

Chand Billi - Astor Valley - Gilgit - Pakistan

4. Glacier Stream, Concordia, Gilgit Baltistan

This amazing photograph was captured by David Kaszlikowski and was among the finalists at International Mountain Summit Photo Contest. It is not photoshopped. 

Glacier stream - Concordia Pakistan

5. Glaciers Tower, Khurdopin pass, Gilgit Baltistan

Glaciers tower - Khurdopin pass - Pakistan

6. Lady Finger, Hunza Valley

Lady Finger is among the most famous peaks in Hunza Valley. This peak is also known as Bubli Motin by the locals. The picture captures an amazing 6000 m height peak from Duikar, Hunza.

Lady Finger - Hunza Valley

7. Marbal Peak, Karakoram Range

Marbal Peak - Karakoram - Pakistan

8. Passu Village, Hunza Valley

Passu - Hunza Valley - Pakistan

9. Pristine Sambaksar Lake – Kaghan Valley

Pristine Sambaksar Lake - Kaghan Valley - Pakistan

10. Rash Lake Nagar – Karakoram Range

Rash Lake Nagar - Karakoram Range

11. Ratti Gali Lake, Neelam Valley

Ratti gali Lake - Neelam Valley - Pakistan

12. Heart Shaped Shimshal Lake – Gilgit Baltistan

Shimshal Lake - Heart Shape - in Gilgit baltistan Pakistan

13. Spantik (Golden Peak), Nagar Valley

Spantik -  Nagar Valley - Pakistan

14. Ultar Bridge Connecting Baltit and Altit Villages, Hunza Valley

Ultar Bridge - Baltit and Altit villages -Hunza valley - Gilgit

15. Upper Kachura Lake, Skardu

Upper Kachura lake - Skardu - Pakistan

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