15 Creative Art Works From Every Day Objects

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Artist Victor Nunes combines pencil sketching with every day objects to form some cool stuff; the beautiful illustrations of simple things in our life. Today we have selected 15 creative artworks from this artist that will give you playful ideas for food and small objects in your life.

1. A Squiggly Rubber Band Can Make An Amazing Ostrich

1-Creative Artwork - Rubber Bands

2. Donald Duck Eyes With Safety Pins

2-Creative Artwork - Safety Pins

3. Little People With Grapes Skeleton

3-Creative Artwork - Grapes Skeleton

4. Pen Caps Can Make Nice Slippers

4-Creative Artwork - Pen Caps

5. Beautiful Dresses With Sweet Wrappers

5-Creative Artwork - Sweet Wrappers

6. Aliens And Brain Resemble Walnuts

6-Creative Artwork - Walnuts

7.  Apparently Scissors Can Form Many Facial Expressions

7-Creative Artwork - Scissors

8. You Can Draw Pharaoh’s Headdress With Hair Pins

8-Creative Artwork - Hair Pins

9. Noodles Can Feel The Music Too9-Creative Artwork - Noodles

10. Corns Make Perfect Devil Ears

10-Creative Artwork - Corns

11. Loch Ness Monster With Salad Leaves

11-Creative Artwork - Salad Leaves

12. Popcorn Animals 

12-Creative Artwork - Popcorns

13. Red Indian Headdress With Pencil Shavings

13-Creative Artwork - Pencil Shavings

14. Children Playground Slide With Chips

14-Creative Artwork - Chips

15. Old Fashioned Bicycle With Biscuits

15-Creative Artwork - Biscuits

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