15 Epic Fails Only Genius Will Understand

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“I gave you one task and you managed to mess that up too. You are fired.” This is the response which probably every clumsy person gets from their employers when they screw up on simple tasks. Clumsy mistakes are hilarious which are remembered and often retold for more laughs. Today we have collected 15 such epic fails which may need a genius to figure out the real story. Don’t worry, we bet you all are genius.

1. Somewhere Father Of English Must Be Rolling In His Grave

1-Epic Fails - Stop Sign

2.  Who Says Mathematics Is Easy?

2-Epic Fail - Wrong English On Medal

3.  Map Alert – Africa Is The New Asia

3-Epic Fails - Africa Asia

4. This Worker Needs To Consult An Eye Specialist!

4-Epic Fails - Corn Onions

5. This Manufacturer Needs To Get Their Super Heroes Facts Right!

5-Epic Fails - Batman Bag

6. Don’t Rely On Machines At All!

6-Epic Fails - Wrong position

7. Time Managment – Can’t Wait For Car Owner To Come Back!

7-Epic Fails - Yellow Lines

8. Resource Utilization – Atleast Its There, Even If It Does Not FulFill The Purpose

8-Epic Fails - Car Stop System

9. Someone Tried To Make A Rotatable Door Knob!

9-Epic Fails - Door Knob

10. Put A Big Valuable Item To Make The Job Difficult For Thieves! 

10-Epic Fails - Drawer

11. You can Excercise On These Stairs!

11-Epic Fails - Stairs

12. Just In Case If You Want To Drink Inside Out!

12-Epic Fails - Cup Handle Inside

13. This Guy Needs To Learn The Rules Of Negation!

13-Epic Fails - Misplaced Enter Sign

14. Malfunctioned Printing Machine! 

14-Epic Fails - Upside down fanta

15. Misdirection

15-Epic Fails - Wrong directions on remote

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1 Comment to 15 Epic Fails Only Genius Will Understand

  1. @Number 5, OH The irony. THE IRONY! Neither Superman nor Batman have anything to do with Marvel. Both are DC characters. And how do you have to be a genious to spot these obvious mistakes?

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